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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am currently sitting with fuzzy socks on, long pjs, a tshirt and a bath robe and I am still cold. Of course that may have something to do with the fact I have not turned the heat on. I dislike those winter heating bills so much, I prefer to suffer I guess.

It is forty-seven degrees outside right now which is not cold. The fact that I read it is going to be 32 tonight probably is why I am freezing.

We have a ball game today and I embrace that like I would a grizzly bear. It is too cold in those bleachers and it seems no matter how warm I dress I freeze. I am coughing and have a headache, could that all be phycological?

Please ignore any spelling errors, my fingers are numb. Also I hit spell check and it said all my words were mispelled. Ah, the joys of computer land, maybe it's cold there too.


ellen abbott said...

I'm with you. This is a major reason I live so far south.

allhorsestuff said...

Well...we actually bought heat already(have an old oil furnace in this 1904 house still) mostly we did it for the cat, Elsie! If it gets too cold she won't move and then she get dehydrated and it is NOT GOOD. she is 18 and we just love her...but I admit...I HATE the cold too and the heat is making my life warmer and cozy, at present!

Take care...trun your heat on a bit!

Anonymous said...

I agree - I hate to be cold. I think bleachers are the coldest place in the world to sit. We finally did turn our heat on this week but I still walk around all bundled up until May!!!

~Tonia said...

I dont like it either but we have wood heat so its not to much of a problem to turn the heat on!! Doesnt take all the $$ other heat does..

Lori E said...

It takes us a while here to adjust to the rain and cold. I always have windows open in the bedrooms so we have to dress fast.
We put a separate heater in my son's room because his room doesn't warm up even with the furnace on.
Lucky for me he played basketball where the biggest discomfort was the hard seats. Our cushions were well used.

Gramma Ann said...


Rudee said...

Wow. You have the same forecast as Detroit. You know, misery loves a little company. Thanks for joining me in mine.

I'm clad head to toe in wool right now. I can't say enough words that clearly express the virtues of wool. Warm and cuddly will have to do.

Mel said...

You need a fireplace to chase away these chilly times. Being from the NE a fireplace is a must for me... "I'm always cold."

Have been trying to talk hubby into transfering to a warmer climate but so far no luck.

Something to ponder while sitting on those frigid bleechers, pick up one of those seat warmers (the ones with the orange fabric) hunters use them & they do work well.

Stay warm,

The Green Stone Woman said...

It's near freezing outside, but it's still warm enough in the apartment, so I still don't have to turn the heat on. Thank goodness for that. Bleachers are tortuous places to sit on.

Patricia said...

Rudee, you live in Detroit? My mother moved us west in 1945...said she'd never move further east than Oregon again. I was so young I just remember the wonderful snow and the ice skating on neighbor's ponds. She said Detroit's biggest snowstorm was my fault because I prayed for it...haha

Paint Girl said...

I hate the cold!! I am always freezing. But now with my new job, I am always hot!! I thought working in a barn, especially this time of year, I would be cold. I guess I need to wait for the temps to hit the 30's!

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