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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cross I Bear

Just a catch up on things happening At The Farm. I am still lazy and since I did not have enough work to do, I am now working six days a week at my job for an indefinite span of time. Will I survive? Who knows. My replacement had an opportunity to temporarily run another office. That is a great chance for her but not for me, except for the over time. That will be good. I can prepare for my retirement and have postponed it till all is settled. Hopefully that will be soon. Idea scenario, Leshia gets her own office and I can retire knowing she is in good shape.

Marcy is still paring pears and preserving them either by drying or canning. The crop is not over yet. The frost did not seem to damage much, even though it was a heavy one. The roses are only bitten around the edges so we may still have a bouquet or two.

Nuts are still being gathered by the nuts that live here and various creatures.

Plans for The Red Barn are developing. The equipment, cash counter and some shelves will hopefully be moved in this week. The arrangement Queen, Beverly, will have her work cut out for her. This wall shall be this and this corner will be that, etc.

Gypsy's training is progressing but no one seems interested. This is sad because she is a darling dog and is good with kids, cats, dogs, horses, cattle and a goat. Amazing what that girl will do for a treat. She met her first Otter the other night and that was a adventure for her. She is presently standing with her head in my lap wanting more attention. Gotta love her, she is a sweetie pie!

I guess I have to mention my cross now. It is working full time, raising a grandson, training a dog, trying to help Hubby on the farm, and getting the shop ready, which I have been elected to run, We have Marcy's other house to sell in Randolph County. Ah, the list is unending.

You make that cross easier and more enjoyable with your visits and comments. I looked and I have seventy-one followers...yipeee! I remember being scared when it took a few days to get my first comment.

You help me realize the beauty around me and remind me I am very fortunate to be one of the custodians of this wonderful space I call At The Farm. The truth is we never own a place, we only care for it, to assure this life continues by working with nature and not against it.

Thank you, my followers, my friends. You keep me honest and humble.


Rudee said...

That is indeed a lot of responsibility to bear. One thing, one day at a time, my friend. I love the photo!

Carla said...

What a cool post! So, you decided to retire? Funny word huh? For you sure aren't going to quit working!! Who knew this blogging thing would be so much fun! I so value your friendship. And you know how much I drool over your home. Awesome photo for sure!! Love to you Gail!

Anonymous said...

Being a newcomer to your blog, I am just beginning to understand what a heavy load you do carry. It's great that you keep everything in perspective and still see all the blessings around. It's been great to find your blog and your beautiful photos. May God bless.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

you are a rare gem that shines daily in all that you do and care for.

Lori said...

Love the photo! I would still love to give Gypsy a forever home but haven't been able to convince the man of the house that we need to drive to Arkansas to pick up a dog. I did pass her info along to a guy I work with though who is also looking.

ellen abbott said...

Better too much to do than not enough.

It took me weeks before I started getting comments with any regularity.

Tina said...

Busy busy busy...best to be busy..sounds like you have it all under control..you just don't know it yet!! ;-)

Melanie said...

Hey there, Gail! It was good to hear from you. Hang in there with that burdensome cross. Things will get better, right??? At least that is what I tell myself. :)

cwa said...

You certainly are one busy lady. I hope things turn out for the best with your work situation. Your photograph is amazing. It seems that we all have our own crosses to bear. Thank goodness for the friends God sends our way who help us with the burden. Blessings to you.

Pat said...

Wow - you are a busy person. I feel guilty with my life. I'm "Living the Vida Loca" as they say! LOL!

What kind of shop are you opening?

When do you think you will retire?

Gennasus said...

You do have a lot on your plate but that will hopefully ease a little once you retire.

Something is bound to come up for Gypsy, she's too good a dog not to get noticed eventually. At least she's happy with you in the meantime.

Looking forward to seeing the shop up and running.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What an interesting sign in the sky. Great catch-up post and I apologize yet again for being such a slacker over here. I think I find myself wanting to just spend lots of time over here...and usually you only post a short little post one at a time...and I like to immerse myself in a blog, especially yours. Ahhhhh, I'm relaxing At The Farm. :)
Of course, I'd be the only one relaxin'. You and your family are always so busy. whew!

Looks like I need to back up quite a bit and see what's up with this Red Barn idea/plan. Verra interesting....

So how does Gypsy do with chickens?


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