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Saturday, October 10, 2009


I was the crazy one, not Gypsy. I know all animal lovers are worried that I have done something crazy but I have not, so rest easy. Gypsy still lives.
I have to tie her when I am not with her because of her playfulness. She is such a puppy anything that runs is her toy.
So far that has included three mice, a flying squirrel and one chicken. She brought the flying squirrel in the house very proudly and I would not have noticed except for the tip of the tail and the fact that she was doing her Peruvian horse walk she does when she is proud.
Gypsy with her favorite toy, Cutter. They are running with a stick, although I have cautioned my children not to do that, I do allow Gypsy to run with a stick.
We went for two very long runs today. There is no way I can call an outing with Gypsy a walk. She is so full of energy, I only wish I could harness it to run the power to the house.
I have some intense training planned for tomorrow...maybe some controlled sit stays near the chicken house. By golly, Gypsy and I shall over come this problem.


Rudee said...

Maybe she had a taste for chicken soup. Gotta get that dog a job.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Ha ha, that's funny, Rudee. Maybe she is meant to be a sheep dog a ranch in Australia.

mrscravitz said...

YEEAAAH! I am so glad to read this post. Gypsy seems to be very smart and I know she will learn from her lessons! Keep it up! You two will do well.

Pat said...

Maybe you should write, "The Dog Whisperer" for help!

My daughter has a dog, Venus, that is a hunter. She is so fast and has killed 2 squirrels, a couple of rabbits, and a bird, all in their small fenced in back yard. My daughter feels so bad about it, but what can you do?

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