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Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Sunday Walk

Is always so wonderful, I can't help but share. It is not that I take walks only on Sunday, but this is when I take my camera.
It was chilly so I put on sweats, two sweaters and socks with my flip flops, I am never quite ready to give up my flip flops. They stand waiting for me all year by the door. As you can see muck boots would have served me better.
Lil is waiting patiently for me to throw the stick. Note the Beggar's Lice sticking to her fur. Now nature knew what she was doing when she made these seeds.

After the dog run, Seymour refreshes himself in a shallow pool. He is with me every step unless a rabbit or squirrel distracts him.
The rain has washed so much sand into the creek bed, you can not really see the water, it looks like sand only.
I am also carrying seeds to be planted elsewhere. My wonderful farm style is shown clearly in this picture. Blue, green and orange, I am decorated for fall. The large foot to the right is Gypsy's.
Hope your day was filled with beauty too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gail, You did exactly what I did today. After a week of yard work I finally got to leisurely walk around taking pictures and walking with the pets! Our weather is not as cool as yours - in fact it is muggy and the mosquitos are terrible! It is fun to see your pets enjoying themselves with you. They are precious. I was wearing socks with my sandals today!!!!! Hope you have a good week and thanks for your visit to my blog. (my maiden name was Williams)

Mel said...

Hi Gail,
Today must have been a day for walking, as Hubby, grandD, & I went walking across the beavers pond earlier... Sorry, I didn't take the camera (actually need to go back across tomorrow) will definately take it then.

We are getting chilly here in the Northeast we are in full swing of peak fall colors. Have already had flocks of geese fly over on their way south :( winter is whispering at us...

Love your cocker spanial I use to have one myself.

Enjoy your day,

Sunny said...

I love my flip flops too. Resentfully have started wearing sneakers for walks.
Cute pictures of the dogs.
Sunny :)

Pat said...

I enjoyed your walk. Thanks for walking FOR me, since I'm feeling a little under the weather! Like your doggies!

Rural Rambler said...

Gail I always look forward to your Sunday walks but this particular Sunday I am diggin' your Sunday footwear! I love my cowgal boots but can't totally give up my sandals and wear them all winter...with socks!

Grammy said...

Beautiful walk. I would be in my summer shoe all year too. except for snow.

Tina said...

Lovely walk..just love those flip flops..same as me but with open toed sandals..all year.. rain, snow or whatever..good ole wool socks and my birk sandals!!

Rudee said...

What a beautiful photogenic walk you had! You need some pedicure socks to wear with your flip flops. Maybe a pair of slides. Pedicure socks are toeless.

Anonymous said...

I lived on a farm as a teen. I recognize that outfit :)!

The Green Stone Woman said...

And here I'm wearing boots already. And you are in your flip flops. I do love the combination of colors. Very Autumny. I like Seymour. He reminds me of Jesker and I wish Jesker had a creek to walk into and slobber out of.

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