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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Farmer's Life

Some time, no matter how hard you try, work lasts until after dark.  You keep working and what you get done tonight will give you a head start on tomorrow.

The conditions are dry.  The cattle's pasture is thinning so we are  preparing to move them to greener pastures.  A job that began Saturday has continued into this night.  Tomorrow, if the Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise, we will be opening the gates to cattle paradise, lush, tender, delectable grazing.

Will Rogers said, Behind every successful farmer there is a wife who works in town.  We both work so we do our farm improvements when we find the opportunity.  Tonight we tried to finish but it was not meant to be.
Even with the tractor and mule lights,
we knew we would not finish this night.

You have to love farming.  It is not a easy task  Work is done, no matter the weather and animals need care every day, not just when you feel like it. The love of farming has to course through your veins or you will not succeed.

I tried to help as much as I could taking pictures but that wasn't enough.  I was the gofer...you know, go for this, go for that, hammer a few steeples, hold a wire.   I do that well although I did not find the wire cutters in the dark, that will have to wait for daylight.

So tomorrow we will continue after our paying jobs are done for the day.  Our love of farming, our sense of accomplishment, our love of the animals will over come the tiredness and we will finish.

Diamond "Stick" Lil

There she is looking for a stick, any stick will do.  If she can carry it, she thinks I can throw it.  Lil has dragged "sticks" to me before and expected me to throw them.  I would say, when she is not working cattle and horses, this lady has a problem!
Note the mouth,
it bears a stick!
Note the stick on her forelegs!
...looking for a stick.
...finding a stick
Looking for a stick...
did I surprise you with this one?
As long as this lady works the stock,
we will bear with her obsession.

Monday, August 30, 2010

After The Fencing...

 I was grateful for the natural sauna, the exercise, and the opening of my sinuses...all free. Didn't have to have a membership in anything.  Good hard work has lots of benefits.

Felt like taking a short walk, so the dogs and I strolled along the creek.
The water was crystal clear and spring cold.
The boys are enjoying the shallow spring branch.
Heading for deeper water,
no longer clear from all the swimming.
Look closely for the water skater
and his shadow.
Every one cooled off.
And we mustn't forget stick-loving Lil
enjoys the water too.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Day Of Rest...

This was our morning sky.
Leaning on an auger makes it work better.
Recycling ice storm/tornado trees, strong and free.
These red heart cedars will stand for years.
Jake was not happy working in the sun.
Every one worked.
Some worked equipment,
some worked hand tools,
some worked their mouth
and the camera (that's me).
We took a few breaks,
although it wasn't hellishly hot,
we had no trouble sweating.

 Sunday is the Lord's Day,
but we had work to do
and this is our only day to get 'er done.
We did one round of wire.
The rest will wait.
The equipment is all inside the fence
so I know it will be finished soon.
The only way out is through the gap
we haven't opened yet.

Oh, happy cows! 
Their day of new green grass is coming.

Looking Out My Back Door

Seven AM and CCR has nothing on me! I did not see tambourines and elephants but what I saw was even better. 

I stepped out breathing in the morning air and it was like instant nourishment for my soul. I decided to grab my camera and just look.  I didn't go very far at all, in fact, only a few feet from my door I had seven pictures...all untouched and ready for you.  The sun was shining bright and the light was perfect.
The moon still lay in the morning sky as if it were reluctant to be outshone by the sun.  The tree is suffering from the lack of rain but still holds on to its leaves.
The plum tree was covered in butterflies.  I think they know the season is ending and they are nearing their last flight.
The beauty of the butterflies was incredible...
in the plum trees, in the pear trees, flying for the moment.
The Chestnut tree is laden with burrs
that will drop to the ground
and break open, revealing their treasure.
The invasion of man

Friday, August 27, 2010

This N That

I have been remiss with my commenting.  No excuses!  Well, I have a list if you want them...laundry, dishes, cooking, work, and a good book.  If you like suspense, murder and love stories all wrapped in one, read The Last Child by John Hart.  It is fantastic!  I have missed reading blogs but John Hart had me wrapped around his finger and would not let me go.

The temps are cooler so that is a relief.  I can tell the difference in the people, every one is feeling happier.  Now, if we just get a few good rains, we will be partying.
I have had some bad days and some good days this week but I must remember the sun shines on all of us.
Castor Bean  Bloom Pod

We have had a good run in the garden.
Life is good At The Farm.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers

if Peter Piper picked a peck
of pickled peppers,
where's the peck of pickled peppers
Peter Piper picked?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flowers, Frogs and Figs

Dad always told me if I couldn't say something nice, to keep my mouth shut.  I will not shut up completely but will say Tuesday was a day.  One of those days when there are more reports than I had brains to supply them.  A day when the action was greater than inside a new Whirlpool washer.  One of those days that made me question why the hell I haven't retired.

Now, I am shutting up like Dad advised me too!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day Out With Two Boys...

and one very exhausted Nana!!!  You know no matter how carefully you plan ahead, there is always some school supply you did not think to get.  So today, two grandsons and I headed to Wal Mart to finish school supply shopping, just a few things, not many...how in the heck did my cart get so full????  Because I have not learned to say no, I shall have to practice more.
After Wal Mart we went to a War Memorial in Sharp County close by.  Jake had never been so every one had a great time.  I will let the pictures speak for them.
Jake wins picture of the day!
We spoke of history.
We talked of war.
We discussed the great sacrifice
of all men and women who served.
We spoke of veterans we knew,
and we talked of peace.

It was a day of fun,
but also a day of learning.
We topped it off with Pizza Hut.
Next Sunday
I shall have to have two walks!
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