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Monday, August 9, 2010


is not just planting and animals.  There is also maintenance of the land.  The water washes its way naturally but we have ruined its path so when water comes, it takes the natural path.  When that path crosses our unnaturalness there is bound to be damage.
and a need arises to rearrange them.
Water will change its course
if you persuade it.
The rain cuts deep when it hits clay.
Nature or man writings?
Ignore the foot, dirty from the walk,
see the size of the hoof print.
I could hear deer snorting
in their hiding spot.
I was in search of an old spring I remembered from childhood.  This is not our property now but touches it.  I could view it from the edge of the road.  In this grown up hollow, I remember clear water rolling to the road ditch.  Hogs used to be pastured here and always had fresh running water. 

Today I could not see nor would I dare to look.  It is snake weather and I am short clad in flip flops.  Yet, I wonder, does the spring of my youth still run?  I hear the dogs splash in water and I have renewed hope it does.
Some water runs beneath the willow buttons.
I find proof that the spring still lives.


Grammy said...

your rock table is as high as ours. I am so sorry I have not been around for a while. ty so much for the truck load of money. : )It was like Christmas in July. My mail lady is my favorite visitor.

Journaling Woman said...

I have creeks of my childhood that I wonder if they are still there and run the same course.

Rudee said...

Snakes? Flip-flops? I'm having palpitations here. I know it's natural for you after growing up with it, but this city girl would faint dealing with something that slithers (and bites).

Of course, we have two legged snakes in Detroit, so I guess we're even. You may even be ahead.

Glad you found the spring!

Breathe said...

It's good to see clear spring water in the world. Somethings remain intact, there's a lovely comfort in that.

I haven't been able to wear flipflops all summer since I have "das boot" on. Someday, someday.

Anonymous said...

A spring usually runs unless it's stopped up by something, I guess. The ponds in our neighborhood are spring fed, but sometimes (because of man's urge to develop every inch of land in our town), it gets plugged up and has to be cleared.


Jules said...

Now how could we ignore that toe? :)
We have the same rock problem here in KY and your spring is still there.

Don't you just love childhood memory spots? :D

Thank you for the compliment the other day but you are my equal in writing.
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LindaG said...

Very nice post. :)

Oz Girl said...

Ah yes, we have several water paths when the pond overflows. Hubby is trying to redam one end of the pond, yes, man interfering again, lol.

It's funny, I wear my flip flops around here until I have a close call with a wolf spider or snake. So far, no close calls this summer. :-)

Nora said...

I would wear sturdy walking boots when I'd be out walking on your terrain. I don't think I'd be doing it on flip flops. I wouldn't take the chance at being bit by anything.

The lime stone bedding is interesting. I can see where that would be s good way for the water to run. The scratches on the rock are intriguing. You'll probably never be able to explain them, will you?

Great that you discovered the spring again. Did you taste the water? I bet it is very clean and sweet tasting. It must be wonderful to have all these natural springs around if you ever get thirsty on a walk.

Gramma Ann said...

I don't think Snakes and Flip-Flops go together.

Nezzy said...

Ahhhh, hope 'springs' eternal! Heeehehehe! Sorry....ya'll know sometimes I just can't help myself, self control is not one of my biggest virtues :o)

Have a great day sweetie!!!

Chickadee said...

That last photo was beautiful. I love water and find it healing. Thankfully I live where 2 rivers intersect so there are plenty of places I can go to be near water. Though the ocean is where I long to be.

PS - sorry I've been a stranger to your blog. Work has pulled me away from the blogging world, but I'm back for a bit. ;)

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