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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Day Of Rest...

This was our morning sky.
Leaning on an auger makes it work better.
Recycling ice storm/tornado trees, strong and free.
These red heart cedars will stand for years.
Jake was not happy working in the sun.
Every one worked.
Some worked equipment,
some worked hand tools,
some worked their mouth
and the camera (that's me).
We took a few breaks,
although it wasn't hellishly hot,
we had no trouble sweating.

 Sunday is the Lord's Day,
but we had work to do
and this is our only day to get 'er done.
We did one round of wire.
The rest will wait.
The equipment is all inside the fence
so I know it will be finished soon.
The only way out is through the gap
we haven't opened yet.

Oh, happy cows! 
Their day of new green grass is coming.


Journaling Woman said...

It seems to me, your job was the most important and helpful.


Carol............. said...

That's the way it is on the farm and ranch, right?......work work work . But then there's the satisfaction of the accomplishment.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

you call that rest?

Nora said...

That's one heck of a post that was planted there. I do believe it will stand there for a long time. It's a good thing you were there to take the photos of the process, especially of poor Jake who was not at all in the mood. The poor tyke, you did make him work on a Sunday, or tried to anyway. Andrew was being a good sport, wasn't he? It's amazing how you make things work for you at the farm.

Nezzy said...

Yeah, that old Ox falls in the ditch way too often here on the Ponderosa too. Funny how the critters and crops don't know Sunday's a day of rest.

You look so green. Our cattle have no greener pastures....everything is so brown we have people dumpin' horses and donkeys the way people dump dogs. Grass is burnt up and ponds are dryin' up. So sad!

Ya'll have a great day and don't work too hard! :o)

Pat said...

Hey - somebody's got to be taking the pictures for posterity's sake, right?

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