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Sunday, August 22, 2010

School, Football, and Grandsons

Andrew looking forward to the school day
Loaded and loading for school
Andrew and Jake playing football
Making the tackle
Zander, too small to join in

makes his own game.


mj said...

The first shot of Andrew .... Very nice portrait. It's a KEEPER. Don't file that one away, it will make a great photo for marking his transitional years. Nice post.

Jules said...

That boy is packin'! LOL
Thank you for the prayers, Gail.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Rudee said...

Zander is such a cutie. It'll be his turn before you finish blinking!

Lisa RedWillow said...

They are are fine looking boys and I agree Znader is so cute.

Nora said...

I agree, that's a very good portrait of Andrew. You should have that framed and put up in a place of honor. I think you will always look back on that with a feeling of nostalgia and love.

Gramma Ann said...

I thought of this poem when I saw the picture of Andrew and his dog.

A boy and his dog make a glorious pair;
No better friendship is found anywhere,
For they talk and they walk and they run and they play,
And they have their deep secrets for many a day;
And that boy has a comrade who thinks and who feels,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

He may go where he will and his dog will be there,
May revel in mud and his dog will not care;
Faithful he'll stay for the slightest command
And bark with delight at the touch of his hand;
Oh, he owns a treasure which nobody steals,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

No other can lure him away from his side;
He's proof against riches and station and pride;
Fine dress does not charm him, and flattery's breath
Is lost on the dog, for he's faithful to death;
He sees the great soul which the body conceals--
Oh, it's great to be young with a dog at your heels!
~ Edgar Guest ~

Rural Rambler said...

Must be fall, Friday night football!

Pat said...

Ah, the first day of school!

I love that picture of the two boys playing football!

Little Zander can amuse himself! What a cutie!

Nezzy said...

What an adorably resourceful little fella Mr. Zander is! Great back to school pics!

Have a most beautiful day!!!

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