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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Blame Jules

Trying To Get  Over The Rainbow   would not let me wallow in my own self pity this morning and insisted I take a walk.  If you don't enjoy this, you can blame in on Jules, too. 
I looked out my kitchen window, or rather at my mess waiting to be cleaned, garden vegtables to be put away, and all the dirty dishes.  At that moment, I gave up and decided to take a walk.  This mess would wait on me.
I enjoyed a look at the fresh spring.
I whistled up all the dogs and began this Sunday's adventure.
TP enjoyed playing alligator.
The Borders enjoyed their eternal quest for sticks.
We traveled a different branch this time,
cooling at our leisure.
We saw an ancient wall for preventing erosion
and noticed the crawdads were cleaning house.
and we cooled in the shadows
The morning sun's light was perfect
for  reflections.
I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most.
The reflections blended with the fish,
making a natural work of art.
...and the fish were not afraid.
We traveled the narrow stream bed which today was small.  On flood days it reaches to the top and only natural debris can travel here.  This live water is from our first source behind the old garden.  It meanders a while and is joined by the second spring that runs along side the old garden spot.  It is a ways before the third and largest source, our drinking water, joins it and they all flow through the spring pond into the main creek.
...and here is where I climbed out of the shadows and coolness into the warmth of August sunshine.  It is hard to imagine a creek is born within these trees.

I have a few scratches from briars, I fell to one knee trying to climb a bank too steep for me...in flip flops.  I saw beautiful mossy rocks and vibrant green ferns.  I cooled my legs in clean water and wiggled my toes in clay mud and sand.  I sat on a rock bigger than my coffee table and just let the beauty soak in.  I saw no snakes or evil critters although I can't tell you if they saw me. 

It was quiet in this spring fed gulley.  I heard no cars from the distant highway, I heard no dogs barking because they were all with me.  It was very easy to imagine what the valley looked and felt like two hundred years ago before life on earth was so complicated.  It was refreshing to forget, even if just for a moment, that I had responsibilites and obligations.  It was just me and the dogs.  It was paradise.

And wanta know something?  The damn messy kitchen was still here when I got back!!!!!
Oh, well, I could pretend, couldn't I?  I surely needed that walk, glad you could join me.


Barb said...


I think you and I are on the same page today. Sorry about your kitchen mess, but, like I say, we're on the same page - my kitchen was invaded by ants last night and this morning I still have to clean up the debris, sigh....

Sunny said...

Thanks Gail, I enjoyed the walk. It lifted my spirits as I hoped it did for you.
I love the fishes in the water, it really looks magical.
☼ Sunny

Rudee said...

Well I can't say my mood is completely gone, but I feel better, too. Thanks.

ellen abbott said...

great pics, great walk, you took me there. I live the first fish picture.

and those damn messes in the kitchen are eternally patient.

♥ helen said...

I really love this post, the text and the wonderful photos. A nice walk in the nature is so much better than housework. I`m glad you enjoyed your walk.

Sarah said...

xx sarah

Jules said...

You can blame the walk on me but I never said anything about trail blazing in flip flops.

This was a great post with lovely pictures. Your peace of earth looks like heaven, but then I am a hillbilly. :)

becky said...

Glad you went for the walk... the chores will always be there, and sometimes they can wait. I did the same this morning, and it was rejuvenating.
I like your new "about me" page. Good stuff. Have a nice week, Gail.

carolina nana said...

That's why I love long walks, I pretend my life is uncluttered with the hustle of today's world. I like to become one with nature if only for a little while. But like you all the messes of life are still there at the end of my walks.
Have a blessed week

Nora said...

That was a nice walk, Gail and the accompanying photos are great too. I wish I could go for a walk like that in the morning and ignore my kitchen. I'm about to tackle mine now. I'm overjoyed, as you can well imagine.

Farmchick said...

LOL...very cute post!! I enjoyed my visit here...hope you can stop by for a visit soon!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice walk! The dogs seemed to enjoy it also! :)

~Tonia said...

Great Pictures! love the one playing Alligator!! And in FlipFlops??? You sound like my oldest daughter! Then she gets upset when she steps on thorns and has to pull them out of her feet!...
Anyway looks like it was a good walk.. Of course those dishes were still there... Stinking things never do themselves...

Nezzy said...

Sometimes the mess just has to wait! What a beautiful walk...flippies and all! :o)

Have a fun day filled with summer blessings!!!

Rural Rambler said...

Well I enjoyed my walk with you and my house is still a mess and I still have two loads of laundry to do and it ain't gettin done tonite! If I had all that water on my property Gail I would never get anything done in the house!

Olivia J. Herrell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olivia J. Herrell said...

I always love your posts so much. The peace and tranquility reaches out and touches and I am on the trail with you.

Thank you!

~that rebel, Olivia

Christine said...

Enjoyed the walk. We are waiting for fall in the next month or so. Can't wait.

Jeff said...

Really enjoyed the walk. What a great way to spend the day (minus the dishes!) :)

Pat said...

What a beautiful and refreshing walk! I can't decide which picture I like the most! I hope you felt refreshed after your exploring and time alone, and ready to tackle the mess when you got back!

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