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Friday, August 27, 2010

This N That

I have been remiss with my commenting.  No excuses!  Well, I have a list if you want them...laundry, dishes, cooking, work, and a good book.  If you like suspense, murder and love stories all wrapped in one, read The Last Child by John Hart.  It is fantastic!  I have missed reading blogs but John Hart had me wrapped around his finger and would not let me go.

The temps are cooler so that is a relief.  I can tell the difference in the people, every one is feeling happier.  Now, if we just get a few good rains, we will be partying.
I have had some bad days and some good days this week but I must remember the sun shines on all of us.
Castor Bean  Bloom Pod

We have had a good run in the garden.
Life is good At The Farm.


Nezzy said...

OK Mr. Hart...free Gail, we want her back! Silly girl, I see you are still gettin' around.

I love the pic of the Castor Bean Bloom Pod. Lady ya take a snappy picture!

God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful weather!

LindaG said...

As long as you're doing well, I don't mind you being remiss. It's good to take breaks and do something different. Have a great weekend! :)

Cara said...

Don't worry about commenting! Jeez Louise! There is enough stuff in the world that we HAVE to do, why do we put requirements on our recreation?
Or else.

Journaling Woman said...

Well, I'm going to sing you a song by Hank Williams: Your cheating hart, will tell on you.

It's time to stop cheating with Hart and get back to us. :)

I think that Castor Bean Bloom is so gorgeous that I almost forgot about your cheating Hart.

Jules said...

Well I hope the good days out weighed the bad :) I too love the Castor Bean pic. And who cares about comments, if life is good enjoy. We will be here waiting, waiting, waiting..... :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Pat said...

The cool weather IS a relief!

I love the photo of the animals enjoying the sunshine!

Nora said...

The pod makes a great picture. It looks like an alien life form. It is nature in all her mysterious ways. Outstanding!

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