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Friday, August 6, 2010

Only In Black...

A young child began kindergarten.  She progresses very well and began to take her art work home to her parents.  They were puzzled, although her pictures were very creative, they were always painted in black.

The parents talked to the teacher showing great concern about the mental condition of their child. They observed the children painting as they were gathered around a table with containers of paint and paper.  They noticed nothing unusual but remained concerned. 

They decided to take her to a doctor, then to a neurologist,  to an orthopedic specialist, to an optometrist, and finally to a therapist. 

As much as these professionals tried to discover the reason the child painted only in black, they could not.

The concerned parents were discussing this one night and the older child overheard the conversation.  He asked if anyone had asked the child why she painted in black.  Wow, what a concept, yes, let's ask the child.

When finally asked why she only painted in black, the child simply replied...It is the only color I can reach.

Sometimes the most simple answers are the right ones.


Mel said...

How cute is that!!!! LOL


Nora said...

I hope they made sure she got to reach the rest of the colors after that and that she made wonderful pictures.

Farm Girl said...

That is so cute and funny.
I noticed you have border collies.
We have one too, smartest and best dog ever. Our is so good with our grandchildren. My granddaughter is one and Wednesday the dog was laying down on her side, my grand daughter came up beside the dog and picked up her legs and then laid on them beside the dog. Sasha just stayed there and slept.
I have had lots of dogs in my life,
but none as wonderful as a border collie.
You have such beautiful pictures!

Journaling Woman said...

The simple answers are the best. "Ask the child".

Nicely written.

Lori Skoog said...

So sweet! (and expensive)

Rural Rambler said...

Sometimes it really is just very simple.

allhorsestuff said...

huh! Finding the truth of a matter can be made easy- by asking the questions plainly!
CUTE storey

distracted by shiny objects said...

Ergonomics!!!Love it :>)

Carol............. said...

I just LOVE this...how simple but how difficult we sometimes make things.

Christy said...

Cute story. Good lesson.

Rudee said...

love, love, love this story!

Jules said...

Sorry I was on an adventure and am playing catch up. This was priceless! Always ask the children first :)
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I think we adults tend to overthink things.

I'd choose black because it's bolder and simple.

I think we adults worry too much, and we should trust that things will work out before blowing a gasket trying to fix what ain't necessarily broken. Amen?


Pat said...

Ask the child! Duh!

Nezzy said...

Great story!!! We had a Downs Syndrome student in our classroom who only colored in black...we just simply removed the black crayon and his pictures became quite colorful. He was kinda a colorful kid anyway!!!

God bless ya and have a glorious day.

Now I'm off to catch up in here :o)

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