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Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday Centus...Study In Black

I have been tempted, sorely. I've finally surrendered to that temptation.  I have decided to join in the writing challenge at......

Twenty-five words for Study in Black
The dark was full.
Dad said, “Nothing's there or the dogs will bark.”
My imagination painted images…
nothing there, nothing there...
the dogs growled.

Happy Halloween!

No matter how you celebrate,
or if you do at all,
Remember, to wrap your fun in safety
and hope you have  a ball.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Too Much To See...

One thing a farm dog must do is keep an eye on everything.
They have to make sure all is well At The Farm.
Sometimes, it like watching a tennis match.
There are animals in every direction
and on a lazy day,
you just watch...
and see what you can see.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

And I Begat Maria...

and she begat Andrew and Zander.
Today Maria is one year older with two fine sons. 
 And now the tale of her birth.

My second pregnancy was no easier than the first, sick for five months, twenty-four/seven.  I got so tired of being pregnant I would crawl on my husband's lap and let him hold the baby for awhile.

One week before Maria's birth, I began labor...the real thing, but for some reason I stopped.  Did the hospital run and every thing, felt like an idiot when four hours later they sent me home.  I was informed of an appointment and said, Nope, wasn't coming back until I had the baby.  They laughed.

Back was hurting, so I mopped floors, did dishes, started laundry, took a shower and then decided I needed to wake the driver.  By the time he was awake, I had waited so long, Hubby had to put my shoes on for me.

We are forty-five minutes from the hospital.  We are flying! Didn't even have time to take the first child down the road to Mom, she met us at the highway.

We walked into the clinic and the lady laughed and said, I see you're here for your appointment.  I said, No, Ma'am, told you I wouldn't be back until this baby was coming and I'm here to have it.  They didn't believe me.

Doc says, don't make me miss my cake...they were celebrating his birthday, I think.  I laid in my room and kept waiting...I got on the intercom and said, Ladies, I think we better do something.  I'm not even prepped and this baby is coming out. 

The ladies came in laughing, looked and said, OMG, call the doctor.  Needless to say, he missed the party but they saved him some cake.

Totally natural child birth, no pain killers, no gas, nothing.  Hubby was with me.  The doctor was joking about going into business together...us the breeders, he the deliverer and then we sell the baby. 

Less than an hour after we reached the clinic, Maria was born.  Nine pounds and eight ounces!  I begged Doc to let me walk out of the delivery room.  I said, Come on, let's really shock them.  He wouldn't go for it...but he did let Maria and me go home that day.  Things sure were different in the seventies.

Today, I say, Happy Birthday, Maria.  I love you, I'm proud of you and you will always be my baby girl!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Sleeping Beauties...

You have to sneak up on these guys to catch them asleep.
Now, that's one relaxed Arrow!
Asleep on their feet,
No one was worried...
who looks good sleeping anyway?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Thing In A Row

A row of chairs with additional rows,
backs of chairs and ribbons and bows
Strings of peppers and okra, too
use for decoration or plant a few.
Grandma Anna and the boys,
this is a row that brings her joy.
Surprise, the flowers lined up like that...
they were posing just for Pat.

for rows from around the world.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been Playing...

Too tired to do much else...the maggots in the kitchen sink will soon hatch and fly away...I hope.  If the clothes get dirty enough, I won't have to use hangers.  The new hay crop in the floor is sprouting and lookin' good!

My life is full of children and they love being here.  Two are now playing guitar and talking...I eavesdrop on their conversation as I sit here.   I hear the kind of questions only an eight-year-old can ask his fifteen-year-old hero.  The answers are wise and kind.  It makes me very proud of both.
Jake returns the favor with Zander and shows nothing but kindness.
All my grandsons are fine young men, they make me proud every day with their creativity,their intelligence, their empathy and their love.
Well, that post took a turn!  I was complaining so I'll get back to that.

I wanted to make a new collage header for my blogs but no success.  I wish I were more computer smart.   Now I must do laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and clean house.  Just what I dreamed of doing on my only day off.

May your dishes and clothes be forever clean and the path to your door always open. Y'all have a great one!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Dog Adventure...Warning! Big Hairy Spider Involved

It's that time of year...
tarantula time.
Ki-Anne was barking her head off!
The discovery was almost more excitement
than fifteen-year-old Andrew could handle.
Can you see the enthusiasm?
Jake was a little more interested.
The dogs were extremely interested.
Ki invited others to join her in the great spider hunt.
Without thinking and with much regret,
I became an accomplice to tarantula homicide.
Ki and Lil went into action.  Note poor spider in lower right.
The gang joined in.
There were many firsts tonight...
I've never seen a tarantula on a power pole.
I've never purposely caused one's death.
I've never seen a dog attack one,
but Ki, unfortunately, is a very unique dog.
No hesitation,
she waded in.
The smell of one usually repels a dog,
but not my Ki.
Now, I am feeling totally guilty.
I have asked the spider's forgiveness.
I'm not sure I can forgive myself.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Killing Frost

and the garden wasn't through producing.
but the frost didn't care.
In anticipation, the sisters gathered,
and gathered,
and protected what they could.
Fall is definitely here.

Old Friday...

Today, I feel old.  Don't know if it's the throbbing vacancy in my mouth where a tooth once lived or if it's because Hubby needs a pacemaker, or if it's because yesterday at work was...we'll just say, a rather busy day.

To celebrate feeling old, I show you the old chicken house.  Two sides are rocked and the inside now shelters old bicycles and bottles. The rabbits hutches in front are melting with time.  The tornado of a few years ago missed it while clearing out all the big timber behind.
Maybe I feel old today because it was Mom's birthday yesterday and I still miss her or maybe it's because I am tired and not ready for winter.  What ever the reason, I show you the old hog house where Mom and Dad used to raise pigs for market, fenced on the hillside with their own pond.  The house is used only as a hunting blind now and it is only grazed when I turn the horses loose to roam.
I feel old today because I can't seem to get things finished anymore.  The house needs cleaning and I show you what it looks like from a distance.  A fine old rock house where Mom and Dad used to live...and then I miss Mom again...maybe that is why I feel old today.
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