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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nature's Artistry

Even in the things we fear,
there is beauty in the creation.
Sometimes, what we perceive as cruel
is just a natural process.
Paper wasps pollinate
and eliminate insects, too.
I wish I could build a house
from spit and wood.
Instead of seeing a snake,
see an insect removal machine.
Admire the symmetry of his scales
and his ability to move so fast without legs.
There is beauty all around us,
we just have to look with different eyes.
Sadly, life is not always dew-kissed roses,
but it can be..
when we change our view.


LindaG said...

I see the beauty. I just want it to stay away from me. ;-)

Jules said...

Amen sister! I'm trying to do just that. I did trip though, ugly bug landed on me and my reflex killed it before I could stop myself. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Country Gal said...

Nature is not only beautiful but mysteriouse as well thats why I love it so much and love photographing it. WOW what Fantastic post and photos , the first photo is AWESOME!! who ever took this photo should start a photo portfolio show and sell their photos . Have a wonderful day !

StitchinByTheLake said...

Another beautiful post Gail - thank you. blessings, marlene

Linda in New Mexico said...

You last statement is absolutely true. Thanks for bringing it to today's thoughts. Linda

Dreaming said...

I agree with you. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

Sue said...

There's a lot of wisdom here.

And I am good with snakes, as long as they're not poisonous!


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

There's a purpose for everything in nature. Love these photos, Gail. :)

Buttons said...

Great post and wonderful photos you are so wise. B

Pat said...

I LOVE Linda G's comment! I had to laugh!

I looked at that first photo and thought, "now what is that?" and then,"YUK!"

And then I remembered your warning and I KNEW I'd see a snake when I scrolled down. And WOMAN, you sure live up to your promises!

That snake probably moves faster WITHOUT legs than me WITH legs!

DesertHen said...

Very well said!

I see snakes as free rodent control!

Nora said...

True, but I'd hate to have been that grasshopper. Imagine fate like that!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

You are right, there is beauty in everything... Sometimes you have to look deeply to find it.

carolina nana said...

Great post and so true !!

24 Paws of Love said...

Very, Very True! I love the way you think! This past summer I had a gartner snake living in my raised garden, we both benefited. :) I loved the idea of him protecting my garden from rodents and that he got an easy meal. I mourned when I found him dead later in the season.

Spiders have been great friends of mine. In some Native American cultures they mean change. Whether it is a change that is coming or an inner change you will be making. I saw more spiders this summer than I have ever seen in one summer.

Now as for the wasps, we have a you respect me and I'll respect you policy. And that's about as much as I can say for them. :)

Rudee said...

There should have been a disclaimer at the top of this post!

Still, I think you may be right about these creatures. It's the two footed beasties kind I worry about most. I'll try to apply your sentiments to them, but still keep one eye opened.

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