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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been Playing...

Too tired to do much else...the maggots in the kitchen sink will soon hatch and fly away...I hope.  If the clothes get dirty enough, I won't have to use hangers.  The new hay crop in the floor is sprouting and lookin' good!

My life is full of children and they love being here.  Two are now playing guitar and talking...I eavesdrop on their conversation as I sit here.   I hear the kind of questions only an eight-year-old can ask his fifteen-year-old hero.  The answers are wise and kind.  It makes me very proud of both.
Jake returns the favor with Zander and shows nothing but kindness.
All my grandsons are fine young men, they make me proud every day with their creativity,their intelligence, their empathy and their love.
Well, that post took a turn!  I was complaining so I'll get back to that.

I wanted to make a new collage header for my blogs but no success.  I wish I were more computer smart.   Now I must do laundry, dishes, grocery shopping and clean house.  Just what I dreamed of doing on my only day off.

May your dishes and clothes be forever clean and the path to your door always open. Y'all have a great one!


Michaele said...

I keep wanting to get around to a new header also. Someday...in the meantime our weekend plans were changed to cleaning also. Happens without fail once you put up a for sale sign. I am so glad for you to have your grandsons around. Are they helping?

Nora said...

At least you have very nice grandsons handy, so consider that a blessing. There's always an upside to everything. Mine lives too far away to interact with. I wish I could send you my cleaning lady, but it's a long trip for her and i don't think she speaks English very well. Your kids should help you out if they are over so much :o) Have a good weekend regardless.

EmptyNester said...

My dishes and clothes are forever clean...as long as I clean them. LOL

Those grandsons can sure have a positive effect, can't they? You are so blessed to be surrounded by all that love...and youth!

LindaG said...

Wonderful grandsons.
*hugs* ♥

Dreaming said...

I have the laundry problem licked. I just read "Half Broke Horses" which is based on truth. Lily, the main character (and she is certainly a character!), cut back on laundry in the 1900's by wearing shirts backwards after the front got dirty, then turning them inside out and wearing them front, then back. How's that for a plan?!

Sue said...

I love how you lost track of even your maggot woes when you spoke of your grandsons. It really is wonderful being a g'ma, isn't it?


Nezzy said...

Maggots...ewwwwwww, girl erase that picture from my brain...please! Heeehehehe!

Boy, that little Zander is growin' and Jake is more handsome every day. Ya'll have a right to burst those buttons Gail!

I swear my magic hamper grows dirty clothes!!!

Have a blessed and beautiful day my dear friend!

Far Side of Fifty said...

That header looks pretty good..you have a four panel one up and I notice that the one in your post is three panel..that may be your problem. You may have to mess with the Header in your html settings...I used to do that..then I found a header template that works just fine to make mine. It is called Memory Mixer a great program for lots of things:)

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