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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Dog Adventure...Warning! Big Hairy Spider Involved

It's that time of year...
tarantula time.
Ki-Anne was barking her head off!
The discovery was almost more excitement
than fifteen-year-old Andrew could handle.
Can you see the enthusiasm?
Jake was a little more interested.
The dogs were extremely interested.
Ki invited others to join her in the great spider hunt.
Without thinking and with much regret,
I became an accomplice to tarantula homicide.
Ki and Lil went into action.  Note poor spider in lower right.
The gang joined in.
There were many firsts tonight...
I've never seen a tarantula on a power pole.
I've never purposely caused one's death.
I've never seen a dog attack one,
but Ki, unfortunately, is a very unique dog.
No hesitation,
she waded in.
The smell of one usually repels a dog,
but not my Ki.
Now, I am feeling totally guilty.
I have asked the spider's forgiveness.
I'm not sure I can forgive myself.


Dreaming said...

Hmmmm.... isn't there something about animals climbing to get away from rising water? Are y'all expecting rain... lots of rain?!

Far Side of Fifty said...

spidicide..that must be a new word. He looked big and ugly to me...don't feel too bad:)

Michaele said...

Good gosh! It was huge! It couldn't bite the dogs? Can you ask forgiveness from the dead?

Sue said...

Yuk. That is one gross looking spider.

Frankly, I don't think I'd have wanted it on the telephone pole either, so it's not all that surprising you didn't think it all the way through. Sounds like you just sort of reacted.

I wouldn't be too hard on myself. You may have assisted, but not with intent, and that's what counts!


Farm Girl said...

My son brought one home. It lived in our school room and was always trying to escape. I finally let it go.
I felt the same way, just sad because I too maybe caused it's death.
It was sure huge.

Country Gal said...

Oh my lord I would be long gone lol I dont mind the usual spiders but not one like this SHUDDER !! is right , arent they poisonous ? great photos and post though. Have a good eve.

Tami Weingartner said...

I'm mortified! Really! I'm going to have nightmares! Is the dog okay?

Mary Ann said...

"Spidicide" I LIKE that word! That was one BIG mama!

carolina nana said...

Like I always say when I end a bug or spider's life," if your life was intended to be longer you wouldn't have crossed my path" ,Hahahaha
Don't feel too bad if he could have took you out I'm sure he would have !

Anonymous said...

Hua - I don't like those big hairy "things".
You got great shots of it though, hope the dog is ok.

Have a lovely Sunday!
Hugs x

StitchinByTheLake said...

I hate those things! I'd have killed it too. blessings, marlene

MamaTea said...

Holy moly, we don't have anything like that up here unless you go to the pet shops! Love the "super excited" picture. Ain't that a teenage boy for ya? Perhaps the spider was a kamikaze? Maybe the spider equivalent of a suicide bomber? See, you were doing us all a favor. :)

Pat said...

Well - you DID warn me!

That first shot doesn't really show off it's size, unTIL you see the second shot and see that the spider is about the size of Andrew's HEAD. Is that kid a ZOMBIE or what? WHY ISN'T HE REACTING? CAN'T YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING FROM HERE??????? OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!!

An English Shepherd said...

Thats a big spider... We don't get them that big over here, fortunatly! ;-)

EmptyNester said...

All I can think is, "Holy CRAP! Y'all have those things there FOR REAL?!"

Journaling Woman said...

YOU know my fear of spiders and I tried to stay away from your post. I did. I let several hours go by before I clicked on it.

I "think" we have taranulas here, but I've never seen one.

Although, I can never be best friends with a taranula, they don't creep me out to the extent of smaller spiders. Go figure.


Nora said...

I used to think that tarantulas belonged in the Amazon jungle until I started coming here. Now I don't know if I will ever come visit you. Such a spider may be too much for me to handle. It does have a certain creepiness that I may not be able to deal with. Please tell me you never find one inside your house.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I made a post partially about how much I HATE spiders! Just looking at that one makes me screech a little.
It's so big!


Rudee said...

I totally appreciate the heads up.

Ki...my hero!

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