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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And On We Go...

I'm good at wasting time and letting nothing waste.  I spent one afternoon going through my acrylic paints that were drying up and rinsing each bottle to get the last drop of color out.  Why, you may ask. 

Moving a chest into Andrew's bathroom, a larger better one and I didn't think he would like this color.
I had no paint except red or purple so I created a manly color out of all my bits and pieces.  I also got to throw away about twenty bottles out of my paint box so there is room again!  I use an old carpenter's wooden carrier for my paints...now I have room for my Gesso and a cup of brushes....and we have a new color.
Looking good, kinda dull, I liked the pink white washed look but Andrew isn't into pink.  It's between a dark tan and army green.  Not bad, and I am so proud of saving the paint and ditching those bottles.  I ran into some colors that didn't mix well but the brush works great for that problem, just keep layering it on!
It was a good idea to put boxes under my work 'cause I got a little carried away.  One more coat and all should be even and officially a dresser made for a young man's dressing room.

Off to paint...waste not, want not.

Behind Every Cloud...

is a silver lining...and I saw it!
Many times, I have viewed the silver lining and I am blessed with each viewing but today I want to gripe, and hope against hope, you want to listen to me.

I have blogged almost four years and have been dedicated.  I have entertained, sometimes shocked you and also hope I've made you laugh more than not.

I am here to complain about word verification and no-reply comment bloggers...yep, that's right, I'm complaining again.  As blessed as I am, I should not, but sadly, I am human and (gasp!) we are never satisfied. 

I try to make it simple for everyone to visit me, that wants to visit, that is.   No word verification is used.  The spam blocker in Blogger is sufficient  if you don't take anonymous comments...there's a place to mark for that.  If a spam slips through, you can enter your comments and block and delete the spammer.  This has only happened twice with me...someone wanting to advertise...twice since they introduced spam blocker...not bad.

I enjoy, no, I absolutely love the interaction.  When someone takes the time to comment, I love to answer and acknowledge that they took the time and thought to comment.  I never go back to my blog post, I receive my comments through email.  Easy-peasy...hit reply and have a conversation...or just say thank you for commenting.  Then I head butt with no reply comment blogger!!  Frustration abounds.  THEN because I don't want to high-hat someone I go to their blog and make a comment about their comment.  I know I make it hard on myself but if you honor me with a comment, I want to thank you.  It's the right, kind, polite thing to do.

I love my followers, I love the comments, but I'm basically lazy...or work smart, not hard, which ever one you want to pick...or you can call me a whiner...it's okay...but please allow me to get through to you with email and comment easily on your blog.

That's it, I'm done.  Hope I didn't make any one mad...we'll see if my followers drop. Just my side as I see it.

Life will go on with that silver lining in every cloud and, hopefully, we can make blogging less complicated for all of us.

I do acknowledge it is your choice, this is only my opinion.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday Centus...On Tuesday Night

The picture has absolutely nothing to do with Saturday Centus by Jenny Matlock.  Jenny likes to present a writing challenge each week and see what we can do with it.  I'm always more than a day late and a dollar short...but I get there.

This week's challenge was 106 words including the phrase "the chair dominated the small room".

The owner had died but the memories and the chair remained. How many times had we sat in that chair being punished for some indiscretion, for some faux pas, we had no clue we had committed?

With Mother gone, we had moved in. Why not? We’d paid our dues.

It was time to break the chain. This had gone on too long. The legacy of the chair must be stopped here…with us.

The chair dominated the small room and it beckoned with a promise of pain.

We remembered Mother smiling when she placed us there.  Instead of destroying the evil, smiling, we announced, “Time out!”

Monday Morning...

for your enjoyment.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Salute Thee, Oh, Beautiful Day!

A beautiful day means no coat,
becoming one with the farm,
joining in with the work at hand,
and relaxing.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

This N That

I WON!!!! My insurance has been reinstated with apologies from my agent.  The person who took those horrible pictures and made the decision has been out sick since the decision was made...Karma! 

I have purchased a new computer...a special treat for me since Andrew and I share one. 

It's an Alien from Dell.  Didn't know I was a secret gamer, did you?  As soon as I figure it out, I will be flying on the Corvette of gaming computers...and I have to install my favorite game...when I figure out how to save my character and transfer that.  I don't want to loose the ground I've gained in the world of Diablo II while I await the release of Diablo III! 

It took me a while to do the few things I did get accomplished but all is not arranged to my liking yet.  I selfishly have kept the password a secret since Andrew has been drooling as he walks by. There is computer envy going on but since I'm the one with a job, Andrew will just have to deal with it...mean grandma!

Something is wrong with my husband...maybe he is the victim of bodysnatching.  He has learned how to operate the vacuum, wash dishes, do laundry, mop and cook.  Now, this miracle has been a long time coming but it's arrival is greatly appreciated.  Hubby has never been a Suzie Homemaker but he is learning. 

From past posts, you know I've tried many things. I've gone on strike, got rid of many dishes so they will have fewer to use, tried explaining that I work full time and he doesn't...but none of this seems to make any difference.  I  know if the dust bunnies and mushrooms held a dance in front of him, he would just turn up the tv volume.

No more!!!  I came home to the smell of Pine-Sol.  My computer room has been vacuumed!  Dinner has been cooked more by him lately than me!  He shops for groceries!!  He even folded some clean towels...although the socks are yet to be mated, I shall not complain.  I wondered what made this wonderful change occur since I have been trying over a year to get some help in the house.

I found out...he's been bragging to Bev, my sister, the farm work horse.  Telling her about what he does, she said, it's about time!  You're not working, you should do it.  Welcome to wifehood and don't complain. Gail has been doing all this for years AND working...then she said, it's about damn time you did something around here!  I think I'll send her roses!

And the good news just keeps coming...got a tax refund!  This finally allowed me to pay all the medical bills from hubby's four surgies in 2011in full that I have been slowly whittling down. I do have insurance, Thank God, but 20% of a lot is, well, A LOT.

Today I head to the family shop, may my good fortune continue and sales abound!!!  One way or the other we are whipping this farm into shape.  By selling what we don't need and thinning, our life should begin to be simpler.  We are determined to be the last generation to leave an abundance of stuff for the next generation...but we're getting old so we need to hurry.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Andrew Smiles...

but I think he avoids it like the plague,
in pictures.
But this ole grandma got a few laughs outta him!
Zander makes him smile, too.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row

I've said enough about where we've been
and with these rows, the trip will end.
I know you're thinking I might be "touched"
but this ole gal don't get out much.

Check with Pat for rows to see,
she gets out more than me.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanks To Dead Presidents...

I had a holiday Monday.  I had so much Delta Blues fun, I didn't have time to report on my President's Day adventure until now...can't get ahead of myself.
It was Ki-Anne's appointment day.  No more puppies, ever...except for the one we kept!!!  We dropped her off and had time to kill.  So Hubby drove, thank goodness, I've had enough driving for a while.
Breakfast out at The Cimarron was a treat for us...but I honestly do not see how people can eat out every day.  One, the prices, the other reason, there's no place like home for a good meal.
Hubbs and I are both drawn to water.  We began in Ash Flat, circled through Cherokee Village to Hardy and back to Ash Flat.  This lake is in Cherokee Village.
This waterfall is in a downtown park.
The falls are crooked, not the photographer.
We circle through down town Hardy
and we met three trucks with tanks outside of town.
We found a bridge in the middle of nowhere.
I think it may be Spring River,
not sure if it's a bridge!
I asked Hubbs to watch the road,
not the water!!
We circle back from nowhere to Wal Mart and decide to check to see if Ki-Anne is ready.  We're tired, we bought ice cream and we wanted to go home.  Plucky Ki was through recovery and ready to go!!!

...and that was Hubbs', Ki's and my day out on a holiday.  Wish you could have been there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't Know Where I Was...

when I planned this trip but I just wasn't thinking.  Mid trip, it dawned on me, we're in the Delta!  First an Arkansas Delta then into the Mississippi Delta. 
The Delta is not just a geological or geographical description, it's a way of life, a different but amazing culture.
It is history!!  From the flat lands of old plantations to the present day farms of soybeans, corn, rice, wheat and, of course, cotton. It's  a culture, very different from the hills of  north central Arkansas.
The rows of shanties were gone but I could still see them standing in my mind.  The fields of cotton, being hand picked by slaves, all these pictures were in my mind's eye as we traveled. We crossed  historical places from the Louisiana Purchase and places where Ponce De Leon had stood. We also were in the birth place of blues and jazz and I felt honored to be there.
Nope, don't know why I didn't think of the Delta until mid-trip but I did...and I looked through different eyes.
Even on a dreary day, the Great Mississippi was impressive.
And life was good!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Other Side...

In all trips there are endings and beginnings but the in-betweens are just as memorable.  Such was our trip with a great variety placed in the middle, not on purpose but just the happenings. 

We avoided killing three dogs...and had to stop for one completely.  He stood in my lane in the middle of no where Delta, with ribs showing and a collar.  As we were stopped in our lane, a fellow traveler stopped in the other, got out, checked the dog's tagless collar, and promised to bring food.  The second time we almost hit a dog, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a semi slow and curve away from the dog as the tiny thing stood frozen in the middle of a two lane.   The third dog to avoid death from car was a tiny thing, smaller than our smallest and looked as if he had just enjoyed a swim in the Bayou, with tail  tucked under his wet body, he darted across the highway, sprinting to safety. 

From this, a great realization was born.  Even strangers are filled with kindness and we never know who may be driving by to help.

On the flip side of the coin, we almost died...twice.  We had just turned onto a highway and had not reached full speed, a monster of an old Oldsmobile, maroon, if it matters, pulled out in front of us with no more awareness than a rock has awareness of the air around it. I braked, I clutched, I cut my car quickly to the shoulder, (griping so hard to keep control, I felt the muscle damage later) and almost to the ditch as my car slid in the gravel. It was still a very close call.  I sat for a moment, while Andrew enjoyed the thrill of it, I wondered if I needed to unpack my clean underwear.

The second time, Andrew was talking about a track field nearby and was pointing in that direction.  I am watching the road and that was good.  On a divided exit, again MAROON, but this time a  truck was headed directly towards us, full speed, wrong way.  My body reacted correctly and safely, while my heart raced. I swerved left and the truck drove right and left the road altogether, driving into a parking lot.  Andrew missed it all this time.  I told him what happened, taking longer in the telling than it took to happen.  I asked, Did you think all that erratic driving was just to see your track field??  I think not.

We laughed a lot, we talked a lot, I didn't embarrass him very badly...so altogether, it was a fun, adventurous trip.  A memorable adventure with one old lady and a young gentleman in a car, following our noses and our dreams.

My conclusions from the trip...humans, for the most part, are a very kind and enjoyable species.  On the down side, there are a few dummies out there...and they are driving!...so just keep your eyes open.

Autobiographical Saturday Centus On A Monday

Born, loved, married, loved and living.

Saturday Centus with Jenny Matlock, extremely challenging.  Your life in only six words!  I only think in sixes now. Thanks a lot, my dear Jenny!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We Came, We Conquered, We Enjoyed!

After a few unplanned detours, we arrived. Too excited to eat since breakfast, we ate at one of the many dining places at the Gold Strike Casino. Andrew, not one for adventurous dining, chose the old meat, bread and potatoes man plate. I, on the other hand, chose things I had not had...duck, piranha (not really, some kind of tasteless fish, a tomato dish with shrimp and other unidentified meat and a delicious ricotta pasta dish. Now this sounds like a lot but it was only a plate full. I like to sample new things, after all, this was our adventure!

After the late lunch, we settled in our room, Andrew napped while I finished Harland Coben's "Long Lost". I cannot put a Coben book down.

The time arrived...my first concert. Our first time to see Mr BB King, our first lots of things.

A friend had mentioned, bring a note, come to the concert early, present it to the manager and we may be able to shake Mr King's hand. Didn't work out but I gave it my best grandma try. I came two minutes too late, the last slot in the meet and greet room had been filled...but we were able to visit with the musician that got that lucky slot. He has been trying for BB's autograph on his guitar for a year. Tonight was his lucky night. BB King's signature now shows with many musical greats. This young man has a studio, a cd, and a band in Monticello and invited Andrew to come jam...and record, anytime. Phone numbers exchanged left Andrew elated before the concert began.
The note that failed.
We arrived an hour before the concert and waited patiently outside The Millennium Theater for the performance. The crowd was mixed and Andrew was the youngest there. We had to be radioed from one place to another since this a gambling/drinking establishment.

It was a mixed crowd of all ages and walks of life. We all had one thing in common and visited freely while we waited for the doors to open.

Tickets scanned, we all filed in, in an orderly fashion and were directed to our seats. Ours was in the airplane section but the view was still good.
We were allowed to photograph and as they set up, I tried my best to adjust my simple point and shoot camera to the lighting. Pretend you can see Lucille resting next to the man...she's there waiting for her master to make her sing.

We were entertained by the band until the appearance of the one and only Mr.BB King. My camera is not cutting the mustard!
BB arrives and is greeted with a standing ovation. The drunks were having a great time, as every one was, but I think the non-drinkers may remember more of the performance.

I soon discovered my point and shoot could record videos much better than it could produce still shots. Oh, the videos we have...fantastic! Of course, my favorite was The Thrill Is Gone. This man may be 86 but he still won the audience with his charm and his talent.

The concert was over too quickly for any of us...it lasted only an instant, or so it seemed. Every one was singing, dancing, clapping and having a fantastic time.

By this time Andrew is hungry...again! Andrew chose an $8 hamburger and a $6 bag of fries and we head to our room.
The King still reigns...
and, believe me,
 The Thrill IS NOT Gone!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's The Journey...

I was driving, Andrew photographed.
Andrew photographed me
asking directions.
Need help, find a fireman.
The great Mississippi River
Leaving Arkansas,
Arrival in Mississippi, looking back.
We made it!
Preparing to see Mr BB King.

It's Magical!!

You and the rest of my family
are At The Farm,
while Andrew and I are singing the blues,
in Mississippi,
with BB King.
Maybe there'll be no Candied Apple Caper
like the time Toni, my nephew, took us!
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