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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Week's Soup...

This is the color that says "No Trespassing".  That's the rule.  So instead of tacking signs up that blow away, we paint.  We paint corner posts and paint again a few yards later. The buckets of "No Trespassing" paint sell for high prices but we just choose a color that's close and save twenty bucks.  Simple solutions are nice.

Spent two days at work, working around the normal duties, trying to find a book keeping error.  Just when I thought I had the solution fixed in my head, someone would come in or the phone would ring and I would lose my train of thought.  Finally found it, fixed it, I hope...a simple math error but sure was frustrating tracking it down.

Talked to a lady that was not enjoying retirement at all!  This I find difficult to believe, since that is what I breathe for!  I said, Do you not have a hobby?  I read, she said.  I asked, You don't paint, sew, crochet, photograph, write nor take long walks outdoors? Nope, she says, I miss not having anything to do.  Even though, she was older than me, I knew my parents didn't raise her.  I kinda feel sorry for her because of all the things she's missing.  When I retire, all I will miss is that extra paycheck.

Tried to photograph the moon last night through the kitchen window...no luck.  It was beautiful but not beautiful enough to dress in winter garb and try the shooting outside.

I did capture the frost on the front outside door glass, as I let Maggie out this morning.  With that one swoosh of cold air, I knew I was NOT going on a walk this morning!
I'm still a little frustrated with no-reply-comment bloggers.  I love to reply personally to each person's comments.  I receive my comments by email, saves a little time because rarely do I go back to a post after it's up.  That's done, that's written, time to move on.  If you use NRC, I'm not high-hatting you, I just don't post replies to comments on my blog.  That's just how my cookie crumbles.  There a way to go into settings and fix this, so your email comes up instead of NRC, if you're interested, otherwise...

Friday, grandson Andrew and I begin our trip of a lifetime.  BB KING in concert, in a strange place with no GPS and with my great talent of getting lost, I'm sure this event will produce many hair-raising adventures.

I guess, you're thinking, Where's the Soup?  Well, this is it, a mix of all the ingredients of my week...that's what soup is, after all.


Country Gal said...

A week full of business I would say ! I some times reply to comments if they ask me a question, but it comes to my e-mail as well and I just publish them right there and then ! I do like Gmail though it is great ! Cold here to today its about minus 10 BRRR ! Have a good day and stay warm !

Lynne said...

I love "slurping some of your soup" woman!

Beth said...

My father's wife says she has failed retirement. She is still busy working, just not getting paid.

I was so looking forward to a good soup recipe, but that is okay I enjoy your frank writing style about your week. I just found your blog and it sounds like a fun one to follow ... but I still think you owe us a soup recipe. ;)

One day at a time said...

Happy sunday Gail, best wishes to you, jackie x

Dreaming said...

I agree about the comment thing. I love to 'talk' with my followers, as you know, but I don't take the time to reply on my blog. Since I find it hard to remember which blogs to go back to read to see if there is a reply to my comment... I figure other's have the same problem!
I have a friend who is bored with retirement. Is she nuts?! I can't imagine it!

Marti said...

An interesting soup. I am retired, and love it most of the time. Occasionally I miss the interaction with the public. But having time to work on my art is worth it.

TexWisGirl said...

wow! have never heard of a no trespassing paint color! honestly!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have not heard of a no trespassing color..up here it would be orange..maybe?? Our law states that signs must be posted..so that is what we do. If you do not have signs up every 200 feet then you are not legal..and anyone could hunt ( read shoot) on your property. At least with signs you can have them hauled off to jail.
I have a hundred million projects and when I retire again I will not be bored. Hope the concert was awesome!:)

Carol Henrichs said...

Your soup tastes great Gail.

I agree; simple solutions are best.

I love retirement. I'm busier now than ever. I have no idea what day it is, but don't really care.

Keep up that slow simmer.

LindaG said...

Have a printer? Google Maps before you leave.
Andrew can be your shotgun map reader.

I wish I had been raised by your parents. I was raised by city parents.
I think she reads the wrong stuff, haha!

I never heard of No Trespassing paint... neighbor put up No Trespassing signs on our property years ago. Hasn't always worked, but you know how that is. That stuff only works for honest people.

Hope your Sunday is going well!

A Quiet Corner said...

I must be old becasue I never knew that paint could equate to no trespassing...we spent quite a bit posting our 20 acres in VA...:)JP

Lou Belcher said...

How do strangers to the area know that pink means no trespassing?


Michaele said...

I totally forgot to look for the soup. You had me at painting a post to mean No Trespassing.

labbie1 said...

I thought it was purple for no trespassing. Or is that no hunting?

Anywho--I swear that I have looked at every setting and I cannot find the one to allow you to reply to my e-mail. The comments on your post do come to my e-mail though.

Tell me where to go to allow you to reply and I will...

Rudee said...

It's a shame when people work so hard they forget to develop interests. I'm so looking forward to being contingent and working here and there. I will garden, spin yarn, knit, weave and maybe teach some fiber arts.

Can't hardly wait!

dmraz said...

I learn something everytime I read your blog! Don't know why that surprises me, you were alway a great teacher! Sure makes me miss my days in Arkansas at the Farm & my good friends G & D :))

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I like the "soup"...simpy delicious.
About the woman. I think I got it right..she is retired and does NOTHING? Right? Honest to GOD..I don't see how I ever found the time to go to work. I work all day long except when I am on the computer..and that is when I take a break. I read..play the piano, clean, wash, iron sweep the porch and patio, water plants, trim plants brush the dog, feed, change the paper in the bird cages..do the dishs...sheesh..I LOVE it all because I don't have do any of it if I don't want to. That is the best part of all. I don't have to even get up in the morning if I dont' want to.
Gail, you are going to LOVE it!!!
Just plain love it~!

Sound to me like you have a fantastic trip planned..and that it is colder that a well diggers bippy outside.

About the comments..I rarely go back and say anything. When I read them, I have made a comments..but I am like you..I doubt anyone comes back and reads them. ??? I usually email them if I have something to say.
Off to bed in a few. LONG day!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

You might be able to find out how to get to the event center on the internet. Google Maps should get you into the town, and I imagine that there is a street map of it out there somewhere. I sure wish I had access to the like back when I was truckin' cross-country.

Nezzy said...

I always Google Map such places then blow 'em up and print 'em out. God has blessed me with a heap of talents but a sense of direction is not one.

I can't find my way outta a paper bag and my friends love that there is somethin' I can't do! Heeehehehehe!

Great friends huh??? :o)

'Thought you were goin' to the Hammon's Center in Springfield to see BB. I heard it advertised shortly after you posted the ya'll were goin'.

God bless ya and enjoy the concert sweetie! :o)

Your one rockin' grandma!!!

labbie1 said...

I found it! NOW you can e-mail me! (I think! LOL)

DesertHen said...

We still post signs around here. Nobody would pay attention to paint. They barely read the signs as it is!

Sounds like a fun trip coming up!

I liked your soup mix! Lots of ingredients to add!

Sue said...

My hubby retires in June and he can't wait!


Nora said...

Why would the color pink keep tresspassers away? Isn't that assuming a little bit too much of a good thing?

Pat said...

Are you telling me that your COWS know the color pink? Ha ha! Wait. That's for PEOPLE? I never heard of such a thing. I know. I've from the CITY.

You will NOT be bored when you retire. I know you.

I can not wait to hear about your adventure with Andrew.

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