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Friday, February 3, 2012

This N That

I'm always showing sunrises so here's a sunset as I stop to work at the shop.  I didn't capture it but the clouds looked like Spanish Moss hanging from the sun.

White Spotted pup will now live with a college girl in South Arkansas.  Two more to go and they will be eight weeks old tomorrow.  Another lady from the south is coming Saturday and hope the last will be gone.

My phone committed suicide at work today.  I sent out a company email stating just that...asking for a spare.  I got in trouble!  One person did have a sense of humor and asked if I had called the Hot line. Political correctness will be the death of me!

Oh, if I forgot to mention it...ANDREW WON!  That wireless speaker thingy we bought allowed him to go wild on the floor while playing.  I'm so proud.  I wish I had some kinda talent.
The nights and mornings are frosty,
but the dandelions think it's spring.


Country Gal said...

I am not politically correct either . To old fashioned and stuck in my ways lol ! You do have talent you are a fantastic writer in your posts and you hold down the fort there , in my eyes thats talent ! So the little pup I liked has a home I hope he or she will be happy ! Have a great day ! P.S Love the first photo !


Love the photo! Too, I can see how much Ki-Anne has grown since I've been here! wow. Super healthy.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. WE're fine here. Love and blessings, Barb

LindaG said...

What Country Gal said about your writing. ♥

Congratulations again to Andrew!

Some of our dandelions have gone to seed already!

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

Rudee said...

Congrats to Andrew!

You didn't assist your phone, did you? That's illegal here in Michigan.

The dandelion photo is really rather interesting. I love the colors and the frost you captured. It looks hot and cold all at once.

Farm Girl said...

Our dandelions think it is spring too. I bet you will be glad the puppies have homes.
Have a great weekend!

TexWisGirl said...

good luck with the pup placements. the first and last shots are great!

Dreaming said...

Pblahhhh! I just spit my coffee all over my screen! You wish you had some sort of talent??!!! Uh... maybe you meant in the music department, because I see talent all over your blog!
I love the colors in your dandelion photo. Wow!
Congrats to Andrew! That's wonderful!

Nezzy said...

Oh Honey, my humor lets me live with constant foot in mouth disease. Not everyone appreciates it.

Miss Gail, only you could make a 'weed' shine in it's beauty. What a great picture.

"Clouds looked like Spanish Moss hanging from the sun," stopped me in my tracks girl and ya know how spastic I am!!! Your words are astounding.

God bless ya sweet friend and have a glorious weekend!!!

Judy said...

Like your sunrise and your dandelions...we have things popping up out of the ground, but I'm not home during the daylight so I'm hoping to see them this weekend...

Dar said...

Some kinda talent~~~are you kidding? Girl, you have the talent of words AND the talent of photography...oh, let's not forget Sense of Humor.
I love your photos.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I love new company.

Sue said...

You wish you had some kind of talent?

What do you call your writing?
And your art??

Sheesh, woman. I think you need to get better acquainted with yourself...


Sandy said...

Love the pictures posted today. I'm happy to hear Andrew won, we know he has worked hard to win. Yes Ma'am, you have talent and don't think differently :-)
As for political correctness, I am over it! I think if you just be yourself and enjoy things a little, everyday life would be so much easier. Catch you later,

Lynne said...

There is no doubt . . . YOU have talent!!!

labbie1 said...

Political Correctness--pffffftttttt

Those dandelions--yours are some kind of hardy!

Michaele said...

I can't believe it has been 8 weeks! Also hard to believe those dandelions!

Pat said...

I am happy the puppies are going to good homes.

I love that last photo. Looks like a collage made by mother nature!

Don't you ever DOUBT that you have talent, my friend!

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