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Friday, October 31, 2008


I am not trick or treating, I am not in a costume, I have no candy but I do have a broom.

I know this is Friday but I am cranky! I should be less so since I did break down (after three weeks suffering) and went to the doctor. Meds are gone, I am better but there is just that tad of laziness and don't cares hanging on. Sounds irritate me. I can hear the dog panting twenty feet away and tell her(poor thing!) to quit! The TV sounds bounce off the walls and vibrates my head.

Enough!! Having a pity party is not helping.

Tomorrow is a home football game for my grandson. Only one more game after that and we are through for the year. That's one blessing.

My husband is out tonight helping the police stalk the paint ballers who have been visiting the car dealerships in town. Blessing # Two.

It is trying to rain...Blessing Three.

I do not have to cook dinner. My sister brought me a big pot of homemade soup. Blessing Four.

My computer is working. Blessing Five.

You are listening to me gripe. Blessing Six.

Now that I know I have too many blessings to count, I will try and get my attitude turned around.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Dish Thing Is Working!

A few posts ago, I talked about being tired of dirty dishes. My solution was to eliminate the dishes. I packed three boxes of dishes, flatware, glasses and cups. Replaced them with an eight piece setting. Amazing how everyone is guarding their glass. I was going to write names on the dishes but so far so good.

My next project will be socks. I have decided if they do not make it to the laundry in pairs, they are not part of a pair. With my announcement last night, while standing over a small mountain of unmatched socks, my grandson and husband starting scrambling for socks. Tonight I do the dirty deed...if it is not a pair, it is out the door.

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What Does This Picture Say To You?

Many messages are here. No matter where you are planted, you can grow. Even when you are surrounded by poop you can still be a beautiful yellow flower.

I would like to invite my readers to make a statement connected to this photo. What does it REALLY say to you?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Better Than A Ladder

Day of Rest...Not!

I gave myself a good talking to and said this is enough with this sick stuff. You have too much to do. I started out in the house and was going great. Did one bathroom, the hall, some laundry, some dishes. Then went out to wash the front porch. Knew I needed to repair tin on the old house, Den volunteered to get me to the roof. Repaired some on the old house and the smokehouse(from my grandparents era).
My next project is fencing the front porch in some artistic, charming way to keep the dogs and goat off.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jake Again

This is my second grandson, Jake. He is five.

Jake with Luci

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Finally Went To The Doctor...

I have sinusitis and acute bronchitis, I am glad it is a cute one, I could never have handled an ugly one! Doc advised a shot but I talked her out of it. I have pills but they are not doing their miracle work yet.
I begged off the football game today. I getta coughing and I could fall off the bleachers. Last night game my coughing drowned the announcer. I'm sure everyone thought I was contagious cause I noticed they steered clear of the coughing woman.
Which was fine with me, I couldn't talk anyway. I'm not sleeping. I look like a raccoon, my circles are so big. Maybe I should have gone to the doctor the first week I was sick, instead of the third week. I'll be better soon, have to!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Utility Right of Ways...

Imagine my surprise when, right after a soaking rain, the utility company shows up to replace our wooden poles with metal! Needless to say, I was not happy. They had six pickups and three big trucks with baskets and poles and a drill. They promptly got stuck. They said this truck is six-wheel-drive,well, all six of them were buried to the axle. This was our last field with hay to cut! I asked why in the world anyone would think after a good rain you can drive this equipment in the pasture. They said we don't schedule the time. I said someone in the city behind a desk and surrounded with concrete did not take the weather as a consideration. These poor men after being assaulted by me, gave me numbers to call. One number I hung up on and the other offered to fix it. I asked him how he was going to fix what took God 500 years to build, beautiful black topsoil. First an offer of gravel was made...in a pasture!!!! That didn't set well with me. Of course you can tell nothing set well with me this day. Trucks are pulling trucks, they knocked a big hole in the creek bank which will now wash. All the grass is buried or completely uprooted. I guess I told them, as Mama used to say, how the cow ate the cabbage.
Another truck arrived today and I hit the door. My daughter called my hubby and said you better come home Mom is now after a bulldozer.
To make a long story short, the dozer was here to put every back together and reseed the ground. I also gained several twelve foot lengths of utility poles to use.
I bet that crew was glad to leave the valley. They were extremely nice and patience with me and all my animals. Just following orders.
Boy, being angry makes me tired.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Walnuts, walnuts, walnuts....

Black walnuts, green walnuts, hard walnuts, mushy walnuts...you name it and Beverly and I have picked them up. This is the third pickup load to market and these are only the trees close to the house. Gotta pick 'em up anyway so it is nice getting a little money for the effort.
The tornado in February took down a lot of our black walnut trees. Some we could log but many were lost.
Now if we can figure out how to get the walnut stain off our hands we will be good.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Princess Is The Only Goat...

and I believe I can safely say there will be no more. Remember the old saying, no such thing as a free animal! Princess is half Boer and something else. She is small because she was the third of triplets. Her mamma said two is all I want. Since her siblings were twice the size of Princess the owner started bottle feeding. Then he graciously gave the goat and the bottle to Marcy. The baby bottle he was using said "I'm a little Princess" thus her name.
This goat is every where! She has a chainlink fence six feet tall...she climbs out. Wish I hadn't brought her home to my sister, wish we didn't have her. We cannot eat her so I will just keep complaining. Princess guards the yard with the dogs, runs the cats from their food, and plays chase. If it is there, she will climb it. What can I do? Look at that face.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Everybody Wants In!

The weather has cooled. Rain may be on the way.

Princess hasn't figured out that she is no longer a bottle baby.
She is trying to talk her mama, my sister Marcy, into letting her in the house.
It is hard to ignore a pretty face like this. Add the pitiful little bleats and you have a recipe for trouble if you give in to her.

I'm Trying To Think...

but I am having trouble. I kinda feel like these

vines and limbs in this tree...I have lost many

things today, just lay them down, and they walk

away. I thought about tying the things I need

daily around my neck but then I could not stand

straight. There went that idea!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Art In Nature

What A Farmer Needs...

I've been pondering this quite a bit. We need alot like extra dollars, extra hands, new equipment, new back...this list could go on. I have decided to sum up what I think are the top things a farmer needs.

Good Fence.

Good Boots.

Good Boss.

Good Back.

Good Sense of Humor.

With these top five you can get anything done!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get Ready To Get Scared...

I have tried to avoid pictures of myself. Needless to say I am not the raving beauty I once was. My husband and I have grown up and out together. I have earned each gray hair and wrinkle with pleasure and pain. I work hard to maintain my body, takes a lot of ice cream to do it.

So here I am.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Farrier Is A Girl....

Meet Samantha Fields, a wonderful young lady, who is now doing my hoof trimming for me. Sam has trained my Arabian, Knot, to ride. Worked with my other horses and got a halter on Arrow today when I haven't been able to in months.

Sam seems to have a personal connections with horses, in fact, all animals love her.

If you notice Charme, my Haflinger, is about to fall asleep.

The third photo is a sign I made out of pieces of my life. Each piece has a story. When we came to the farm, we soon discovered many things has ruined in the barn during years of storage. The A is part of Grandma Pruett's pie safe, the T is part of Grandma's old wash stand, the H is Grandma Greenstreet's chest of drawers and on we go to the M which is part of Dad's bee hive.  The wreath below the sign is rusted barbed wire with horse shoes in it.

I promised I would say when the photos were taken by me so today is the day.

Just What I Dreamed About...

We thought we wanted sons...we had two daughters. Now we are doubly blessed. Each daughter has blessed us with a grandson. Andrew, our first grandson #39, is giving me gray hairs for sure! He has chosen football for his sport. As I have said before I just know the ball is shaped funny and that is it.
Today was a rousing game. (The only time I get pictures that are any good is when they are standing still.)
We are talking children here. I do not even see how they keep up with the ball cause most of the time I cannot see where it is. Fifth graders that have been playing since third grade. First football team in Melbourne ever.
So here is my grandson running with his teammates, knocking kids down, clotheslining them, flipping guys and they are doing it TO HIM also! I taught him to play nice! I scream when he gains some yardage, jump and holler when he tackles someone, cringe and shout to the sky when he's on the bottom of the pile. I see Andrew fly over two guys to tackle the ball and I see him stepped on, kicked, slammed, and whacked...hard!!
All that matters is that smile.
I am beginning to learn football is not so bad and Andrew is not in eminent danger of being maimed for life. I cannot sit, I want to get on that field with him and tell those other guys to get out of his way. My hair is grayer by the minute.
Now Andrew is teaching my five year grandson, Jake, to play football! Jake is pretty good already. He has a straight arm and can put a spin on that ball.
One more grandson coming in November...Evan Zander. Maybe he will be an artist or ballet dancer!

Friday, October 17, 2008

To See The Beauty in Every Thing...

is art of living. The wonderful birds are somewhere in Searcy at a hospital where Marcy sees her voice therapist. She is never without her camera. My nephew, Toni, takes her since she is not comfortable driving that far. They always have a good time stopping and looking at whatever catches their fancy. If you are ever in Bald Knob, Arkansas eat at Who Dat's. It is a very unique and enjoyable place to eat.
They shopped some farmer's stands, Big Lots, and some other stores and had a great but exhausting time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Rose

There was a nip in the air this morning and is supposed to be in the forty's tonight. I do not think I am ready for the cold.
Is is wonderful to be able to walk around and see end of season plants and imagine how beautiful they will be in the spring.
Now is time to mulch and plant bulbs and do lots of winterizing.
We have been extremely lucky this year receiving lots of rain with drought in many areas.
The dogs are acting more spry during the cooler weather. Pictured is Cutter a Rat Terrier. All nine of our dogs are differant and each have their talent and job to do.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Boys Grazing...

These are my boys. The Bay is Knot, the pinto is Magic Man and the light bay is Broken Arrow.
Well, my weekend flew by. I am still sick but partially functional.
Beverly and I picked up a whole pickup load of walnuts Sunday so they are ready for market.
Yesterday was my holiday. Believe or not, every one was gone...Den back to work, Andrew to school. No daughters in sight. Quiet!
I had finished laundry and dishes through my coughing and blowing so I was free to run errands. Off to WalMart, Farm Supply, and Dollar Store(30 minute drive). Home again to haul it all in. By now I am having trouble catching my breathe because I not completely healed. Worn out!
After unloading the purchases, I decided to carry through my threat. If you have trouble keeping dishes clean, you have too many, so...I emptied the cabinets of dishes, bowls, glasses and silverware. Replaced them with a limited number of each and boxed the difference. Now we will see what happens, see if someone else can wash a dish or two.
Den worked all day and came home and worked on the tractor and with the cows til dark. This gave me a chance to run to town and pick up the things I failed to get in AshFlat. Even with a list, I miss something. I need a professional organizer.
Back to work this morning with three days of mail waiting (you always pay for those holidays).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

TP and Little Gray

You know you have too many animals when you call them by their colors!
I have talked some of pets but thought I would give you a run down of what we have and why.
TP is a small dog I bought Daddy for his birthday four years ago(Dad is gone now). Dad had Alzheimer's and TP was just what he needed. He called her She-Dog and we called her Charmin until the day Dad put her in the commode and she has been TP or Toilet Paper ever since. TP, as most of our animals, does not know whether she is cat, dog, horse, goat or human. TP is adorable. Dad would place her in a position he wanted her in and trained her to stay. We are talking not normal dog positions...like laying on her back on his pillow looking dead! Many times I would check to see if she was breathing and she would open her eyes but stay the way Dad had placed. He was very gentle and loving with TP and she gave him hours of companionship. After Dad died, TP moved over to Marcy's house and stays as close to Marcy as she can. TP is also the only dog that the cats completely trust.
Little Gray is just as loving as TP. She is nursing her kittens plus another set that is as big as she is. LG also lives at Marcy's(just next door At The Farm).
I am a sucker for strays! We have nine dogs and that many cats at least but everyone gets along or endures everyone else.
We have two Border Collies, two mutts, an Italian Greyhound(a rescue), a Cocker Spaniel, a Rat Terrier, a jack/rat and of course, TP. I will try to tell each one's story soon.
Funny how the kids leave home but they leave their pets!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Can Always Eat Cattails!

Still doing laundry. My daughter, Maria, came for the pregame breakfast. It has been a tradition this year. Maria brings food and cooks breakfast for everyone the day of Andrew's football game. There went my dishes from last night! Maria may do breakfast but since she moved out, she does not do dishes. It's a good thing she cooks well or she might be in trouble.
I have the underwear washed so maybe I will be back in Den's good graces. Also the pants, shirts, towels, rugs, dishtowels and everything else that was in the floor. He did sorta kinda maybe apoligized this morning for his bear attitude. I sorta kinda maybe accepted it.
I begged out on the football game so the house is quite except for the sound of the washer. Solitude, we all need it now and then.
Beverly, my middle sister, (I'm the baby) is out burning brush. She can work circles around me. Checked on her, supplied her with a cool drink, threw a few sticks and desserted her.
My oldest sister, Marcy, is the one who supplies me with the pictures I post. If I ever find time to take some, I will let you know they are mine.
Tried to pick up some walnuts this morning but did not work with my cold, makes me dizzy to stand on my head.
Everyone will be back soon from the game. I have thought about cooking but since I am not hungry, I'm not cooking. Maybe we can eat cattails.


I always have such ambitious plans for a day at home. The thing about plans is they do change. I had visions of having all my inside work done by this time and heading outside to enjoy this wonderful weather. Well...it hasn't panned out.
Since Den, my husband, has been home sick, dishes were sky high. I worked on them last night until my hands were so wrinkled lotion would not soak in. It looks like all I did was switch the piles of dishes from one side of the sink to the other. I have a dishwasher but with so many I just ran them through the sink instead. By the time I washed them I did not care whether they were put away or not so there they lay.
The laundry has grow by the foot. (Did you ever notice how the house piles up when you are away?) The cries of no underwear made me start laundry but my husband can hear the washer from his recliner so that was a no go.
I have a wonderful loving helpful husband, don't get me wrong. We have been married for thirty-six years...through sickness and health. He is a lot nicer in health, believe me!
I am sick too but have you noticed the woman does not stop? I long for the time I am sick and someone notices. My mom always said not to complain, I made him this way.
Den is still sleeping so I had better get that underwear clean!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday!

and am I glad. This has been a long week at work and after work too. It is Columbus Day Monday so I will have a holiday. I will just work more but at home this time.
The walnuts are piling up quickly. Should have a truck load by Monday to take to the buyer if I hold out.
My husband, grandson and I have all been sick with the latest thing going around... Sore throat, coughing, sneezing now blowing but with no fever. See, there is a blessing in this after all.
Pictured is my sister helping clean the farm a stick at a time. This is our arrowhead field. They have been dated at least 2000 years old.
Also pictured is one of our kittens finding a sunny warm spot in an old skillet.
The third picture features one spot cleared and replanted with lavender, thyme and flags or irises that had to be moved. I can just imagine when it is blooming time.

Still Clearing Tornado Damage...

Kubota is wonderful and so is Den. Do you know how long it would take me and my sisters to do this with clippers and shovels?? We are still using the clippers and burning as we go. Marcy is planting winter greens whenever we get a spot cleared. If they all grow, we will be able to feed Izard County.
Football season is full force and that is rough on a grandmother. I know the football is shaped different, that if Andrew has the ball and is running that is good and if people are piled in top that is bad. This is his touchdown. Talking about a grandma yelling, my hands and throat were sore after this game.
Picking up walnuts every day. Feed sacks, boxes, buckets are everywhere and I have not made a dent. Should be one more main fall and the walnuts will be through.
I guess my main thought for the day is work is easy if you have the right tools

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rain, wonderful rain

Hay time has been a blast this year! During our second cutting of hay, Den was attacked by yellow jackets. We did go to the hospital not so much the stings but because of chest pains. He received a clean bill of health.

Next came raking, which ran pretty smoothly.

Baling was a different story. Den hit a limb, the bearings went out and the knives bent. The part search was on. We have a square baler cause it is easier for us both to handle.

Farming and working full time is lots of fun. A week later we found the part and back in operation. The weather was kind to us by not raining and not over drying the hay.

We called in our resources, daughters, son-in-law, nephew and grandson. The Polaris blew a tire and we are pulling the hay trailer with the tractor. Three evenings later we are finished as we can be.

Half of the barn roof is still gone from the tornado so we had to stack selectively to find a dry spot.

The rain has come and it was much needed. I am grateful it held until the hay was in. That was the longest dry spell we have had this year so Someone was helping us with our hay.

The days are shorter, the nights are cooler. We will be using the hay before long, I fear.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall is in the air...

The last few mornings have been cool but hopefully we are far from a killing frost. The garden is still producing okra and a few cucumbers.

The chestnuts are falling along with the walnuts, persimmons and pecans. Marcy has planted winter greens where we cleared for two purposes, food and erosion control.

Do not know if someone will be buying walnuts this year or not. That was always my spending money growing up. We had to pick them up anyway and if we sold them we got some pocket change. I am not so eager this year to pick them up since I am a year older and a year stiffer. Bev and I picked several feed sacks full this afternoon.

Last year we got forty dollars for a bed load. It did fill up all the equipment with gas...last year!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things NOT To Do While Wearing Flip Flops...

My husband said I could write a book about things you should not do while wearing fipflops or thong sandals.

Here are just a few of the many I have experienced:
Do not wear flip flops while trimming horses' hooves.
Do not wear flip flops while burning brush piles.
Do not wear flip flops while using a plumb bob.
Do not wear flip flops while sorting roofing tin.
Do not wear flip flops when walking under the chestnut tree.
Do not wear flip flops when close to Prickley Pear Cactus.
Do not wear flip flops when working with large rocks.
Use your imagination. I now wear boots.

Another Day, Another Dollar

This was something I heard my Dad say a lot. I sometime feel it applies to today's finances as well as the Great Depression.
Getting ready to go to work this time of year is very hard for me. I want to stay home and stay outside. I love this weather.
We have certainly had plenty of rain this year but September has been dry. We have been busy getting the last cutting of hay in the barn. Also keep trying to get windfall cleaned up and normal maintenance. I love it all but never seems to be enough hours in the day.
The animals are feeling the fall in the air. Everyone is more active and a tad more ornery. The weather does that to me too!
The end of the garden is close. My sister had been canning everything she can get her hands on. Even Princess is enjoying the garden.
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