a tale of tails, tenacity, and tedium, as told by me, usually barefoot and bellowing

A Blog Evolution

This blog was born when my sister said, you should blog.  Simple as that...you should blog and I did.  It was very strange in the beginning, but as a child learning to walk, I took baby steps and now I am running!

At The Farm is ever changing and at the risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, that is a good thing.   You can read and say, whew, she is having a bad day or great, she is in a crappy mood again!  Other times I seem to float away and just rely on pictures to tell my story.

I am not sure what I imagined would happen when I began. I may have thought,  I can write as a stranger and do not have to be personal in my writing.

One thing came as a big surprise...it is personal.  This writing is me.  Whether it is funny, informative or just neutral, it is me.  I have always loved writing but never did anything with it other than entertain close friends, do home work and communicate. 

Another thing that has been a very pleasant surprise is all my blog land friends...my extended family, heck, better than family.  I thought I could write and not make it personal but it has become so personal I am uncertain what I would do without this outlet, this new world of friends.

From shy stumbling to ranting insanities, I have posted it all.  I question why I am still here and cannot imagine me not being here.

So I welcome all who come.  Climb aboard my crazy train.  Don't know which direction we are heading because I build new tracks every day.  I can promise this, it will be a hell of a ride!

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