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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Ones I Shouldn't Show

I see all these beautiful pictures and I think about the ones I have missed, maybe a second too late or a tad too early or some one moves. These are what I shall show tonight, knowing that some of you are deleting too makes me feel a little better.
A Red Headed Wood Pecker that we just could not get close enough to get a good shot.
A headless rooster, I really fowled this one up!
A missed ride
a totally bad photo opportunity.
and the full moon.
We have to do some bad to know what is good.

The Beat Goes On

The beating of hammers, that is.
Slowly, it seems, Toni's shop is becoming a reality.

From a distance, what once was pasture is now becoming a building.

Thousands of dollars of gravel was hauled.
Concrete was poured.
Now the building rises like the Phoenix at Junction Sixty-Nine.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Photos From Marcy

As you can see, most of our animals do get along well. A kitten had a chicken bone and growled at a rooster but that is about as bad as it gets.
A tiny mushroom

Dad used to say if you looked you could see the diamonds in the rain.

Our cup runneth over.
We are truly surrounded by beauty.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Evening Catch Up

The water garden is surviving without me sitting there. The "pot" plant is growing like crazy.
Seymour got a hair cut since he had burrs all in his hair, I just cut them out with scissors.

Gypsy is having a ball and loving the farm and is doing well in her training.

And Beverly keeps on working. As you can see, we even have rebuilt the barn from the tornado damage...NOT! We can't even keep up with the grass, let alone, repair the barn.

I am sitting in my underwear, soaking up the AC. It feels so nice after taking Gypsy Galoot for her run. Gypsy played in the water but I got wet from sweat. She brought me a ball!!! She has not messed in the house. She is not scratching cause the fleas are gone. For Gypsy, life is good.
For me, life is a little more complicated now I have an untrained dog to work with! We tolerate cats but the chicken thing is going take a few more corrections.
I am so damn excited it is Friday! I have many things I want to do but will I get them done? Probably not but I have to have a plan before I can start so I am half way through since I do have a plan.
I have always wanted to write and I think a book is pouring out of me into Word. I have several pages and it is flowing with few corrections. Don't know where I am going with it, since I have never done this before but it seems to be something I am compelled to do. We will hope it turns into a best seller!

Sky Watch In Our Nature Valley

Where's your Nature Valley? Don't you love those commercials...they show some of the most beautiful places.
Everyone has their own Nature Valley and I guess I am living in mine.
We must remember the winter skies to appreciate the skies we see now.
The trees are growing and the grass is green and my valley is peaceful.

Even with the ugly power lines spoiling some views, my Nature Valley is in Izard County Arkansas At The Farm.

This is where the sky changes as often as my moods.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Tractor Waits

The king must recover from his shoulder surgery and the tractor waits, silently.
The old tractor is wasting away. This was the reason I did not have a horse when I was growing up, the tractor worked then.
Marcy can remember riding the tractor with Daddy. He would let her steer as she stood in front of him.
The tractor was retired when Dad bought a Deutz in the seventies. It sadly sets, slowly becoming a part of the landscape.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OCD...That's Me

use to be a workaholic with a super clean house. Now I am laid back with a touch of lazy attached. I was labeled as a type A personality but I am wondering where the hell she went!

When clothes go into the dryer, I count the handfuls, not the pieces. Oh, I don't compulsively straighten things but I do count my dust bunnies and name my spiders.

This was the lady who if dust was seen as the bedroom light went out, I could not sleep until I removed it. This was the lady who stayed up to do the housework after everyone else was in bed. This was the lady who worked sixty hours a week, helped with homework, went to college and took correspondence courses, cleaned house, cooked and crocheted and read in my free time.

I want to know who kidnapped that lady and replaced her with this insidious excuse for a house wife??? I want her back, do you hear me, now, what ever the price, I will pay. She has been gone too long and this lazy lady who seats herself in front of the computer all the time has to go back where she came from.

Marcy's Pretties

Not perfect, but it is food.

toadstools and moss


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gypsy Rose Lee...Eat Your Heart Out

This was the sky that greeted the morning of my new adventure. I thought this is a good sky and this shall be a good day. I had no idea by noon of this same day, I would have a four-legged creature trying to steal my heart.
I guess my spirit guides, or guardian angels, or the Voice Of God made me call ICARE. You know I have been in dog throws lately and was not sure why...At The Farm are seven dogs. I suppose I had not interpreted the message correctly.

Gypsy Rose Lee was famous for her enticing dance and I can see why Gypsy was named after this famous lady. Gypsy moves to her own music, bringing your excitement to such a level you can not resist giving her hugs and kisses. I have heard the original Gypsy Rose Lee had that same talent.
I am not yanking your chain, this lady is adorable. If I had not made a pledge to work with her for adoption, she would be the eighth dog here. I keep telling myself, I can't keep them all and my job is to move to the next pup who needs that extra touch and attention to begin the rest of their life as an integral part of some other family.
I had to take Gypsy to get spayed and hubby to get his stitches out. Sure glad I did not mess that up. Hubby would not have liked that crate!
Gypsy is the new owner of tennis balls, a wide red collar, a safety harness, and a black and red leash to match. I am working on her heeling but it will take a few days and the harness will make it more comfortable for her.
Wish me luck, wish Gypsy luck, so I can move on to the next dog and make the world of neglected abandoned dogs a little smaller.

Pears Make You Slobber

Is the drooling because they are so delicious? The horses come every morning to check for Marcy treats. She had the camera and filmed their crunching.

Gypsy Update

We made it through the night, after several whiny fits over the fleas, I finally Sevin dusted her and it has slowed the problem. Poor Baby, she was so miserable.
As you can plainly see, she has the hound in her but a gentler hound I have never met.

One of her first photos after I picked her up yesterday. She greeted everyone that stopped by with a wag and a smile. Did not jump on anyone and only asked for loves with the undulating body movements.

Looking a little sad here, but the ride home was so easy. She loaded when I said and sat as if she were belted in the back seat. No car sickness, no rambling, just looking out the windows like any person would.
Here is a more defined shot of her body shape. She is listening to the children playing at the school and wanted to join them so badly. Yes, Gypsy, needs a family with children.
Our current disagreement is the ownership of the couch. I had full intentions of not allowing her on the furniture, well, that has still not been established. I left her in the computer room last night, with no destruction, no accidents but she did sleep on the love seat. We shall have to discuss this later...and surprise, Gypsy is not a very vocal dog which is a big plus in my book.

ICARE does a lot of good work in our county. I am privileged to be able to help with that.
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