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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Farm Report From A Sunday Walk

My baby boy, Broken Arrow, shining in the sun. Don't you love his color? I am not even sure what to call it. I think the vet wrote sorrel bay on his coggins and he is just registered as a bay, but what a bay he is!

My big little girl, mother of Magic and Arrow, before her mane detangling and her fly wiping and her brushing. She is a puppy!
Charme after her mane has been unsnarled, combed, and separated one more time. She seems to get the strangest knots and also items in her mane.
The white dove showed again today. Far away from the house, in the pasture. It let me get quite close before it flew. I think it is an escaped pet, my hubby, forever the Emergency Manager, says it is bird flu...gotta love him, he keeps the county safe.

Seymour has taken every step with me this morning. I heard him chasing a rabbit, he does so with a high-pitched yelp and a persistence that amazes me. He is the armadillo eliminator and does occasionally catch a rabbit but does not touch the chickens or the cats.

The cash crop is looking good. The grass is green for August, Thank God for that. Normally we are dry and hot. The weather has been very pleasant and the rains have come when we needed them.
Maggie Mae, who speaks five languages and is honored by in home residency, was also with me all the way. This is my husband's dog and she is smarter than me, probably I would get kicked from the house before her!

Collateral, our young bull whose father was year before last Grand Champion Gelbvieh, is shaping up quite nicely and he has proven he is fertile. He produces small calves that grow quickly.
Here is some proof of Collateral's fertility. I like this breed of cattle, large boned, good milk producers, calm and lots of marbled meat. I believe they produce better steaks than Black Angus.
Another one of my spoiled babies, Knot seems to be sunning. They trek to the barn each morning to see what treats Marcy has left them, peaches, pears or apples.
It is such an amazing day, why am I not riding these beauties????


Patricia said...

love the animal pix...expecially the horses...I'm going to draw a picture of Charme with her hair combed this morning.
Are your cattle red angus?
You are lucky to have so many aminals around.

Mrs.C said...

I, too, love the animal pics. You have such gorgeous horses.

The Green Stone Woman said...

You must feel very content with all those animals around. I love the color of the cattle. They are so different than what I see around here. The horses look good and the one that's combed looks quite dapper. It must be a lot of work to get all the knots out.

Mel said...

Thanks for sharing your photo's of all those beauties. The white dove, wow, wonder where it came from? The weather here has been great these last few weeks. Been bust trying to keep up with the veggies/freezing. Thinking about putting up some pickles and jam, we'll see...

Happy Trails,

SkippyMom said...

You are a lucky woman to be surrounded by so much love and beauty.

I envy you.

Breathe said...

What a handsome bull. And clearly a hard worker too..

The dove is probably waiting for her portrait.


allhorsestuff said...

What a lovely day looking on all your lievestock and farm friends!
I would call Broken Arrow a Golden Bay. Mine is a deep Mahogany Bay. Bays have such interesting undertones..I have seen ash bays and Black Bays, as well.
Does he dapple?
That white dove was stunning too...I just LOVE the doves, even thier flight is song..have you noticed?

allhorsestuff said...

Oh..and riding...take it slow...you know me, lately that is what I am about...just can't come off again anytime soon! I am doing all I can, at present, to assure this.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Loved seeing all your four legged family! Beautiful creatures, all of them! You're very blessed!

Grammy said...

Gail you have do many beautiful baby's. I am going to have to farm virtually at you blog.
Charm is so beautiful.
Have you ever braided there mane?
I have been looking for a horse hair nest for years.
My friend found one and it was small and amazing. Have you ever seen one?

I have decided to stay here and not move till I find the right place again. The place on the river did not have the same type of magic that the stone house did.
It was amazing. But not home.
Have an awesome day and ride one of them for me.

Cara said...

Very nice pictures! Your mares mane looks great all neated out. Janow has a full mane also. It is quite a feeling of accomplishment to get done. Janow likes being groomed, but not the mane or tail. Usually I just leave those messy.

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