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Friday, August 21, 2009

In The Pink

Not near as exciting as Tina's Peter, Peter tale of origin in my comment section but I shall present a tale or tails, nonetheless.
Tonight I shall do pink

and pink

and more pink, here is where the tails come in on baby mice.

And here is where the tale of meaning begins. In The Pink means in perfect condition, especially of health or the very pentacle of something, not necessarily health.


Patricia said...

oh my gosh...the last time I saw a nestful of baby mice was 1944 in an old farm house in Yakima, WA. We had just moved from Detroit, MI...funny that I was thinking about those mice just the other day...how odd is that! My mother found them in a drawer...I begged to keep them, but she shooed me away and I shudder to imagine the end of the story....dare I asked what happened to these? Is Orange's tummy full?

Paint Girl said...

I have never seen baby mice that young before! I usually see them with fur!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Where were those mice living, Gail? I some convenient place like the barn? I have a field mouse in the house. The cats brought it in and now I'm stuck with it. I hope it's not pregnant.

Rudee said...

Well those mice look like tiny kidneys to me--except for their tails, of course. I like the color pink.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

OMG, those baby mice... I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight. I'm terribly animal-phobic--your blog is quite a challenge for me!

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