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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Shall Not Post His Picture...

although we did take some, much to his chagrin. One in his nice surgical cap and the lovely gown they place you in to operate, and I do believe his extended his middle finger in a friendly gesture as we snapped the picture. Does he not know I could instantly make him a star?

Hubby was scheduled for surgery and no one had called two days ago so he finally called them. Yesterday he rushed to take tests to prepare for shoulder surgery. The surgery was scheduled for 11:15 and we were there by ten, they wondered where we had been. You say 11:15, we assume that is what it means, not.

Andrew and I sat and walked and read and moved around from chair to chair when one would empty in search of a more comfortable chair. We knew where Den was most of the time, but I would return and he would be gone.

Doctor comes out to report and says surgery went well, he is in recovery and we did have a torn rotor cuff with some bone spurs, all repaired, counted, removed and what other things they do to these items. They did like a spinal block on his shoulder to supposedly block the pain for thirteen hours, not working very well but do not know how badly it would have hurt with out that.

Doc takes us to another part of the hospital and says hubby will be there in few minutes. Again, not! I patiently wait for over an hour and ask where is my husband, this area did not know, then they discovered he had been moved to fourth flour orthopedic unit.

By the time I got there, I was rather upset, it showed because Andrew asked if I was mad, yes, just a little. I do believe my cheeks were sunk in and my eyes were bugged out, which my daughters always took as a sign that major repercussions were on the way. It is sad to be so easily read!

I finally found him on the fourth floor with a room of four nurses. I told them how the cow ate the cabbage and how I did not appreciate the fact that the whereabouts of my husband had been unknown for well over an hour.

Could you please step out of the room, mam, while we get your husband settled in, I started not to leave but I came to my senses and left the room and all the nurses cooed and said oh, she is missing her baby.

He looked quite pale and in pain even with the block. Andrew and I were worried that his color was not right. He wanted KFC so we left and returned with a hot chicken meal. In the mean time, the nurses had brought him a plate. Now, he has not eaten since midnight, had no drink or anything. I came armed with cold Dr Pepper and was announced an angel. After a hearty meal, both of them, his color came back. It also helped that he was able to get his underwear back on and was be able to go to the bathroom. It is amazing how naked we feel with no underwear.

The shoulder block was not helping the operation site so first a pill was given and just now a morphine shot.

Having not completely recovered from my double tooth extraction Monday, my jaw is now swollen from so much talking and my sockets are bleeding again...oh, what a delightful day!

There was no need to stay the night, he was in good hands and thanks to my outrage very eager to please hands.

I could not help having feelings of abandonment as he shooed us out. Hopefully, he will rest better without me there.

Off top of all this, I cannot get off work tomorrow to pick him up if they release him. I just went blank, who to call, my sisters both had appointments so they could not be there til after two pm and I could only pick him up after my work at 4;30. My helper was working at another office.
Ah, his sister and brother-in-law, brilliant, they have agreed to be there at eight am in case he is released. Thank God!

And my swollen jaw has taken two ibupropen and am heading to bed.


Gennasus said...

Sounds like you had way more than your stress quota for the day. I hope mouth and shoulder heal well and that you're both pain-free as soon as possible.

Are you sure you don't want to post that photo?

(Jana is a Hungarian Vizsla)

The Green Stone Woman said...

That was quite a story and I hope that by now you're both doing a lot better, though I worry about the shoulder and the pain from it. It sounds like he is going to be out of circulation for a while. Take care of yourself, dear. I hope you get to take some time off. It sounds like you need to.

SkippyMom said...

Hospitals, the waiting, arghhhh....I am glad he was doing well enough that you could go home and try to recuperate yourself. I am so sorry about your teeth. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Rough day girlie, hang in there :) and feel better soon, both of you, okay?


Farmchick said...

Hi~just out blog hopping and I found my way to you (I should be out in the garden but instead I am reading your blog :) I really enjoyed reading through your blog. I hope you and your hubby are doing better. Stop over at my farm for a visit!

Rudee said...

I am always amazed how we nurses shatter faith by failing to communicate. Many nurses have not been on the receiving end of health care and don't know the worry involved whether the surgery is minor, or major. He is your partner and your heart was heavy with worry. A few words with the right directions in respect to room assignments would have done a lot to make you feel better.

I hope you got some rest and you're feeling better now. Big hugs to you.

Sarah said...

Oh you poor thing! What a horrible day!I hope both of you are feeling much better and sitting at home with your feet up by the time you read this. S xx

Silliyak said...

Times like this always remind me of a scene from Mel Brook's "Frankenstein". They're diggin up the corpse and Gene Wilder complains about how miserable it is, and Igor, say's "It could be worse, it could be raining" and then of course it rains. Here's hoping things get better soon or at least, no worse.

Carla said...

cheeks were sunk in and my eyes were bugged out? LOL! Do you set your jaw and grit your teeth too? I, too, am easily read, and have decided I need to work on my poker face:) Hope his recovery is smooth, and painless (for both of you:)

Pyatshaw said...

What a day! You were obviously considered an expendible appendage by the medics at the hospital. I think they must have "blocked" you as well....didn't work altogether though.
Hope everything is recovering well. I'm trying not to think about the tooth extraction--I'm the world's biggest dental coward and the dentist must cringe when he sees me!
Like Sue (Gennasus), I would love to see THE photo!

Melanie said...

Goodness...it sounds like you had a day from hell!!! I hope that you are all recovering and recooperating????

PS-You will have to let me know how his shoulder is after it heals. My hubby has three tears, bone spurs, and arthritic changes in his, but is refusing to have surgery...yet. He is on his second round of injections, and is hoping that they will work.

Melanie said...

...Oh, and take care of yourself too!!!!! :)

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