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Monday, August 17, 2009

Enough Caterwauling!

Marcy's creative shot of the day. I think I shall call it Remnants On The Beach. Everyone but Den and I had a day with Bev's daughter's family at the lake. They are in from Delaware for two weeks and this was family plays at the timeshare lake cabin day.
I still need that camera, Lisa! Marcy's back yard, Armadillo's untimely death by dogs, meal for turkey vulture...how can a photo have any better subjects than that? Extra zoom power would have been awesome! Still, I think Marcy did a darn good job.

They know Marcy is bringing pears and peaches. She spoils these horses just like she spoils all of us.
Knot munching fresh home grown treats from Marcy's bounty, Thank God things are growing and thank my sisters for tending them so well. I thank them, the horses thank them and the whole damn family thanks them.

We always have a garden spider or two that we watch closely. We observe the growth and watch for her egg sac and when the bugs slow down, we help her to feed so that next year her babies will be here to help us catch the bugs. The lovely garden spider adds beauty to the garden with her weaving, her job and her colors.


Sarah said...

Wow! That is some spider you have there!! I like having spiders in the garden too - although I can't claim to have fed them!! S

Rudee said...

The armadillo appears to be in full rigor mortis.

I don't know if I could feed a spider-even if it is helpful to the homestead. Yikes! That's one amazing spider.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Yup, that's rigor mortis is I ever saw it, poor thing. Did those dogs really do that?

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