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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Big To Do About Nothing

This is a new bone head, a deer vertebra painted, slid onto a strange piece of wood, placed in a grater.
The ayes have it made from a meat tray, cardboard with acrylic and a triangle of three animal eyes on paper.
A circle of old wire, a diamond of old wood with old sign and a moon and star, stranger than fiction!
The beginning of a dark picture, just where my mind was, and the colors were showing it.

The second stage I am adding some color but not really pleased with the outcome.
The third stage, dark again but I am adding hidden things, enlarge to find the surprises.
Who knows what lurks in my evil mind? What shall this become, maybe a bit of paper in the trash but the journey is interesting.


Rudee said...

The diamond shape thingymabob looks like a masonic inspired piece. I don't know what to think about the deer/grater exhibit. Kind of scary.

I couldn't enlarge your picture to see the surprise:(

Cara said...

enlarge didnt work for me either.

Looks like your creativity is helping you out.


Gennasus said...

I couldn't enlarge but there looks to be faces in amongst the dark colours. Are there?

SkippyMom said...

The first one looks like a butterfly and the second sculpture reminds me of a Masonic emblem of some sort.

Keep adding color to your last pic and happy up! :D

Grammy said...

I love all the faces hidden in the rock. All the other things are very creative. And such whimsy.

Patricia said...

I saved the painting to my computer and enlarged it there...oooooooo...you are in a dark mood. Love the vertabrea because it's so creative.

Gail said...

I have been able to enlarge every picture before and after these on all the posts. Do not know what I have done...oh, well, wasn't art anyway.

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