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Monday, August 10, 2009

Blogs of Note...

How do you become one? I have made lots of notes and they have not contacted me!

I think my life style is quite exciting, for a farm life. Marcy's pictures are good and even my sick sense of humor is notable.

I demonsrate enough eccentricity to stand out, my subjects are varied, yet only a few good friends seem to even notice my blog. What am I doing wrong?

Do I have to toot my own horn? Say bad words and crow?

What the hell is a blog of note anyway?


-Carol- said...

Ah, but who's the final judge as to which blogs are noteworthy and which ones aren't? I don't want the job! Actually I don't know that I particularly care! ;-) I found yours a couple of days ago and have been very entertained so far! Did you get my e-mail with the contacts?

Patricia said...

I have read many "blogs of note", Gail, looking for why my granddaughter's very good blog didn't make it....I never got a clue. Many were downright boring and I never stayed a follower. There must be guidlines but I just haven't spent enough time trying to find out....for one things, it's hard to imagine just how many blogs are out there...zillions. You are one step up on me in that my friends don't even read my blog.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I would not want to have to live with the expectations that being A Blog of Note would put on me. You'd have to be really good every day and I know I can't be.

Paint Girl said...

I just heard about this blog of note thing, I have no idea what it is, and I actually don't care! LOL!
I love reading the blogs I read. I have made many new friends, and love to hear about others lives and animals. Blogging has become a great outlet for me to share my life with my animals on my farm, with others.
When I was young I had pen pals, teens who wrote letters to each other that had the same interests, horses. Blogging is a lot like that but online, not on paper! I had met some of my pen pals when I was young, and I am still friends with a couple of them! I love how life long friendships formed, because of pen and paper! :)

Lydia said...

Seems to me your blog is noteworthy. This is my first impression, mind you. I suppose I must return to validate my first impression..... :)

Gennasus said...

I've wondered the same thing myself. Who knows how 'they' decide? Maybe it's just totally random.

Noted or not, you're doing a good job.

Sarah said...

From what I have seen the Blogs of note, or well known blogs are really rather dull. I have wondered about this too and wanted to be popular and have lots of followers....BUT, I have come to the conclusion that I am very happy with the friends who visit my little blog. I know that they are genuinely interested and are not there just because I signed up to follow them.Slowly, slowly catchy monkey, Gail. Quality rather than quantity. When all those other blogs have fallen by the wayside because they are not from the heart, yours and mine will still be going and still be visited, because we are honest and we write from the heart.

You are doing nothing wrong at all... be patient. Write it... and they will come. Visit others and read and comment on those you genuinely like and they will visit you.

There... enough rambling for now, old girl!! I love your blog...surely that's enough??!!!
Sarah xx

Sharon said...

Oh it's not you, you're not doing anything wrong at all Gail. To be honest, I've never paid a lot of attention to the "blogs of note" because most of them lack interest or should I say they lack truth and reality.

I love your blog and I've noticed that all of your readers return when they're online. It's a time of year when folks are vacationing, working/playing outside so things are slow on blogs. No matter, your blog is great and I'll always be reading ;)

Love ya,

Lori said...

Wonder the same myself sometimes...just one of those unanswered questions...hmmm (pondering)

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