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Monday, August 24, 2009

Seize The Day

and live in the moment. Seize the day is exactly what I did. As I did my farm report on Sunday I also took pictures of many different things and you shall be overrun with them this week.
This is what Mom called a black berry lily. The leaves look like Irises, but the bloom is small and Lilly-like and the seeds look like black berries...maybe that is where it got it's name!
The timber is still renewing itself from the devastation of the tornado and the ice storm but things grow back and with the leaves on the remaining trees, the damage does not look so sad.

As I walked to the "new pond", which it has been called since it was built almost forty years ago, the fog was rolling over the top as if the water was on fire. This picture does not do it justice. This pond is stocked with catfish, crappie, bass and perch. When we want fish to eat, this is where we go.
Den's ideal of damming one spring branch has worked wonderfully. The cows are enjoying the deep hole and still have fresh spring water. It ain't so pretty but the water is fresh and clear and it is doing the job.
My genius hubby placed an over flow pipe so the water can continue to the creek. What would I do without him?


Sarah said...

I love where you live.It looks so beautiful.Sarah x

Patricia said...

Sara said it all...I love where you live.

Grammy said...

That photo is so tranquil I could sit there all day. Maybe even catch a fish or so. That was one of my dreams to be by some form of water. I sunk a 12ft cow pool at my old home and sat by it and watched the fish swim. The birds stopped by for a drink and the coons stoled big fish.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I hadn't read this post yet and I love the pictures of the new pond. It seems like a very peaceful place to visit. How nice to have your own creek and pond. I guess you really need them when you have cattle. Can't do without water. I would like to wade in a creek right now with my dog. We'd have fun.

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