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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Farm Politics

This meeting is called to order...order I say! The first item on our agenda is these darn cats. How can we eat the cat food peacefully if they are always hanging around? I suggest we take turns keeping these furred problems occupied while the others eat.

Voting on present issue...hey, you, we are gonna take a vote, pay attention and stop sneaking the food. You, cover that cat! All those is favor...Motion passed.

Have a glorious day!


Patricia said...

ahh me...you do live in a place full of beauty...Indian okra...interesting and so pretty...and the cat and chicken eating together...great pix, all of them.

Rudee said...

Don't look now, you may be living on Animal Farm. Keep an eye out for pigs.

DesertHen said...

Okay, how are all of those roosters standing next to each other without fighting!!?? If that were my roosters it would be a freeferall! Great shot! Love the frog and flower too....=)

The Green Stone Woman said...

Did you give them Robert's Book Of Rules yet? Then they can really have a proper meeting. They won't unnecessarily interrupt each other.

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