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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Evening Catch Up

The water garden is surviving without me sitting there. The "pot" plant is growing like crazy.
Seymour got a hair cut since he had burrs all in his hair, I just cut them out with scissors.

Gypsy is having a ball and loving the farm and is doing well in her training.

And Beverly keeps on working. As you can see, we even have rebuilt the barn from the tornado damage...NOT! We can't even keep up with the grass, let alone, repair the barn.

I am sitting in my underwear, soaking up the AC. It feels so nice after taking Gypsy Galoot for her run. Gypsy played in the water but I got wet from sweat. She brought me a ball!!! She has not messed in the house. She is not scratching cause the fleas are gone. For Gypsy, life is good.
For me, life is a little more complicated now I have an untrained dog to work with! We tolerate cats but the chicken thing is going take a few more corrections.
I am so damn excited it is Friday! I have many things I want to do but will I get them done? Probably not but I have to have a plan before I can start so I am half way through since I do have a plan.
I have always wanted to write and I think a book is pouring out of me into Word. I have several pages and it is flowing with few corrections. Don't know where I am going with it, since I have never done this before but it seems to be something I am compelled to do. We will hope it turns into a best seller!


allhorsestuff said...

OOOUUU...too cool Gail, a book!

Rudee said...

I wore a coat to work today. It was my yellow rain coat, but still a coat. We had a ccccccold summer.

So, what's the story on the book?

Patricia said...

a book! what fun...a mystery? love story? historical fiction?

Grammy said...

I love the pond it looks so calm. I had to go back and read about Gypsy, I don/t know how I missed this. Where was I . How cool it is wonderful what you are doing. Amy found a home right next door to her for the kitty. So Jeremy still gets to play with it. But it will be an only child with lots of love. So it is a happy ending.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Aha, you are writing a book. Maybe that's what you are supposed to do when you retire. Write books. I'm mighty interested.

Joanna said...

Gypsy looks just beautiful.

Carla said...

You think this blogging thing started your words a forming? I hope you have a peaceful weekend:)
(flow words flow:)

DesertHen said...

The pond looks so inviting! A nice way to spend a Friday evening.....by the pond or AC, whichever is better....=)

You are busy, busy lady! Keep up the work on that book...I need a new bestseller to read! =)

Sarah said...

Wow! How exciting!! I hope it keeps flowing.I would like to come and sit by your pond on that bench - it looks delightful!!S

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! Let the words flow, Gail!


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