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Saturday, August 15, 2009

How Did Saturday Get Here?

I have lost the week, the days, and my mind! Thought you may be tired of my ranting so here are some happy pictures. A wild hop vine displays a lovely bloom.
Orange plays with a worm, becomes disgusted with the slime, cleans himself and returns again to play, as if he did not remember where the slime came from. This reminds of battered woman syndrome. Clean up and keep going back.

I am moving as quickly as a terrapin and am in somewhat of fog today. I did get to sleep, have assisted the shower this morning and did get the arm brace on correctly this time!
Hubby is doing much better on his medicine change, is eating and drinking, sleeping in his chair...I can see nothing different from before the surgery except he has a bandage and a sling.
We shall survive, but sometimes, I want more than just survival. I am truly blessed but some days I grow weak and overwhelmed. I guess it is human nature, but I strive to climb up and out of my valley of dissatisfaction.
Thank all of you for being there with me and giving me a hand to pull myself out.


Grammy said...

I am so glad you are doing better today.

Silliyak said...

hang in there!

The Green Stone Woman said...

You're an unhappy woman and only you can set that straight by figuring out what makes you so unhappy and being honest about it. Make no excuses.

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