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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surprise Saturday Visitor

Out of nowhere a white dove appears
Is it an escapee?

I loved this quizzical look.

It seemed very tame.

We wondered from where it came and why.
It calmly hopped on the ground looking for seed.
At last it flew to the trees and we felt it would be safe.
Such a wonderful experience.
Maybe it was a sign of peace promised for At The Farm.


~Tonia said...

Oh how pretty. One of my girls loves pigeons and doves.. She has tried keeping various pairs but something always seems to happen to them. Our next try is the little tiny ones(their name escapes me at the moment) But they are small enough to fit in a cage in the hosue with out to much mess.

The Green Stone Woman said...

A white dove surely must have belonged to someone, but maybe it was a sign that only you can interpret. What does it mean, Gail?

Christy said...

It surely was a sign.

Carla said...

What a beauty! We had one fly away many years ago, hope it found as safe place also:)

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