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Sunday, August 9, 2009

After My Pity Party...

yesterday, I had so much fun with it, I wanted to have another today. This is the time I shall pull myself up by the boot straps and move on.
There was a second show today but again I did not hit the road. My rings are polished and my legs are shaved so I should be happy with that accomplishment and I made a cake. It could be something was telling me, this was not the way to go. I am sure I would not fit in with a show crowd anyway, I do not own any of those funny looking shoes or the dresses they wear. I am sure there is some dress code in showing AKC and my blue jeans and boots would probably not reach those standards.
I shall be grateful today that we have healthy cattle that do multiply.
Poultry that multiplies, even if we do not eat the roosters.

All the animals get along wonderfully.

The garden is still producing.

My dream of horses did come true.

...and all our animals seem to be quite content.

The fact that I had a rough patch, means absolutely nothing. I am here where I am supposed to be. I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. There is a reason I am here. I am grateful for the bounty and the people surrounding me, and for y'all who listen to me moan...Thank you.


Rudee said...

Lot's of subtext here. Let it go. Now if you're meaning to have a gold old fashioned pity party, know the golden rule: you are not allowed to cry alone.

There are many things you can do down at that farm that are extraordinary-that is to say, out of the ordinary. Go have a look-see at what this city girl created: http://www.fiberfarm.com/

Her community sponsored agricultural farm sells her animal fiber as it's sheared. Indeed, some of her kid fibers are sold before they're born. Amazing and clever people out there.

Throw on some lipstick to go with those freshly shaved legs and have a look at the martha's vineyard fiber farm.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like I need to back-track a little. I'm sorry to read you had a rough patch. Like you said, though, you've got a great life and your farm and all it's critters and produce are doing well and content. I'm in awe of that, and admire you, Gail. You've done good, girlfriend!


-Carol- said...

Gail, I came upon your blog through a post you left on a friends corgi blog. I wanted to suggest to you to look into the cardigan welsh corgis as opposed to the pembrokes. They aren't as fancy and cute as the pems but they are great little companions and excellent farm dogs. It's what they were intended to do. The cardi people as a whole are so much more down to earth and friendly than other dog show people. I can give you names of reputable breeders in your area if you're interested and they will welcome you with open arms.

I am a 50 something empty nester as well and have a couple of cardis I show and have started dabbling in obedience and agility. It has done wonders for eliminating my occasional "pity parties". Hope you don't mind the suggestion, but when I read your blog I just had to try!!


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