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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trailer Loading For The First Time

Magic Man is what last night was all about. He is going to be trained to ride, when Magic returns I will have three horses I never have time to ride. I am a horse lover but not a cow girl. Magic was a surprise from my Haflinger mare, thus the name. I have taken a halter on and off, can get him to go any where, but no ground work. I have no horse trailer so I have never trained him to load. Last night was his first load.

It went rather well, I think. Samantha, Sam, my trainer, my farrier, my friend, got him to load right up with no problem at all.
I was so excited I did not get many pictures. Sam is starting college next week and shall be busy but she will find time to train. Sam trained Knot for me last year and did a great job, I can climb under him and over him with out Knot batting an eye.
After Sam gets all my horses trained, she is training me how to ride!


Patricia said...

What fun having horses. I was a horse crazy kid from Detroit who rode in the pony rings until my feet drug on the ground and they wouldn't sell me a ticket any more. I didn't get a horse until I was married and then wowiezowie Jack bought me three! But it was too late...I couldn't relax...and more importantly I couldn't relax when my kids tried to ride so they didn't have a chance either. I envy you with your horses and would love to see more pix...they are so pretty.

The Green Stone Woman said...

I just assumed you knew how to ride those horses. It's about time you learned. They are waiting for you. Good luck learning. You'll have so much fun.

mrscravitz said...

So cool! You said it, I guess "I" am a horse lover and not a "cowgirl". I take lessons too. So much to learn! So Much to remember! But it is all fun!

Paint Girl said...

That is so cool that Magic loaded so well for the first time!
Good luck riding your horses! You will be a cowgirl before you know it!

allhorsestuff said...

Haha...cute Gail. At first I thought he was loading himself!
She has her hands full... horses then the rider too.
Glad that he trusted enough to get on like that...be looking for the rest of the pony story! And human one too....kinda exciting!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Such big changes happening for the Magic Man. He's a smart boy already trailer loading in such a short time. I bet he'll be a good horse for you when you're ready to ride him. :)


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