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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Renewing My Spirit

I attempted to renew my spirit today by walking to my favorite place At The Farm. I know I am in desperate need of some sort of change in attitude and usually I can reach that happy place by communing with nature, seeing the beauty in every thing and the amazing works of my world.
I searched for a different perspective but it seems to remain the same, like this view into a rock cavity in the Hollow.

I got covered in seed ticks and sat a while to remove them. I wondered what their use was when they were created because I could see no beauty in them today. I left my shoes and camera case and traveled.

My favorite place is before me and I climb no more. The ferns stretch their beautiful green fronds to the sky and the lichen clings to the rock for its sustenance. Sometimes I can associate with the lichen and that is pretty sad.

This small flower was very, very small but did not miss my camera's eye.
I thought, maybe, this would have resolved my self-pity but it only seemed to enrich it because I saw the work to be done there and not the beauty.
Got any solutions?


SkippyMom said...

You know I was thinking - you want something to do after you retire, wouldn't something internet oriented be the best for you? You seem to enjoy/be on the net a lot, perhaps you could find a way to market yourself that way?

Hope that helped. Keep renewing your spirit - it is certainly worthy! :D

Sarah said...

Sending you hugs...you will be ok.S

allhorsestuff said...

Hello there friend...well, after talking with another blogger that has not posted in some time, I found that my worries are small compared to what is going on in her life. We talked sometime about what makes us happy . And what we can control. About the only thing we could come up with that we control...is our attitude. She and I both project terribly and plan constantly. It gets depressinbg and I have read wise scripture about only taking on the moment's toils as tomorrow has worries of it's own. We are taken care of mostly in this life...just as the sparrow does not need to find it's resting spots/food shelter moment to moment..tis provided, when needed.

So all that to say, it's okay to be down sometimes...tomorrow is another day and the seasons of life and the seasons in a spirit change..they always change! We jsut need to be honest about it and not beat ourselves up...we ususally want things to change now and by our own hands...that is my lesson day in and day out..my faith is not based in ...me!

Love you to pieces Gail...just the way you are and even when you are down... '~"
as always~
PS hope you go on back out enjoy nature again today...pray it gives you a renewal!

Mel said...

I love nature, the pictures you shared today were awesome. Your writing just flows along with it all, I wish I could write... Always dreamed of writing a book, Hey, maybe that's an idea for you, since you seem to be gifted in this way.


Oz Girl said...

It seems we all reach this place sometimes... sending you hugs and encouragement. Keep on communing with nature, it can be helpful. Search for that positive attitude.

One of the things I do is remind myself how rich I am compared to most of the world's population. I have shelter, which is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, it keeps me dry... I have a vehicle to go where I want on a whim. I have a job (well, temporarily at least!), I have food (I am not starving), so I know I am being taken care of with all the basic necessities of life. I have wonderful family & friends, even though most are in Ohio, not here in Kansas. No I will never be rich in the way many Americans perceive richness to be, but I'm rich in all that matters.

And if that doesn't help, then I'll just send more hugs your way!! :)

Grammy said...

You need to come to my house And sit for a while. We will relax and send hubby out to get us dinner. lol. You need to relax think peace calm happy thought.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I think sometimes we just have to allow ourselves the time to be - our lives are like seasons and the trick is often to accept that. All things pass and when you are ready, you will see the beauty again and be filled with renewed vigour for life.

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