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Monday, August 30, 2010

After The Fencing...

 I was grateful for the natural sauna, the exercise, and the opening of my sinuses...all free. Didn't have to have a membership in anything.  Good hard work has lots of benefits.

Felt like taking a short walk, so the dogs and I strolled along the creek.
The water was crystal clear and spring cold.
The boys are enjoying the shallow spring branch.
Heading for deeper water,
no longer clear from all the swimming.
Look closely for the water skater
and his shadow.
Every one cooled off.
And we mustn't forget stick-loving Lil
enjoys the water too.


Nezzy said...

Now, that was a bit of cool! I needed that, I just finished my exercises and could use a nice cool spring-fed dip. The 'boy' look like their havin' a blast!

Did ya happen to get any rain last night, we didn't but it looked like...maybe...I sure hope you did.

God bless ya and have a glorious day girl!!! :o)

Rudee said...

I wish I had a nearby spring fed creek. It'll be 90 here again today.

Barbara said...

that is great, love your dogs, our goldie loves the pond and creek like that too, she dips several times a day in the pond, she is a hoot, little Zoie kinda tip toes through, giggles, little primpy ya know, hugs Barbara

Farm Girl said...

It all looks great! Just stopped by to check out all of your beautiful photography.

Far Side of Fifty said...

The creek looks cool, and it looks like fun was had by all:)

Ali said...

Aww looks like the dogs had a fun walk! What a pretty place =)

Nora said...

Your dogs are lucky to have a creek to hang around it. I'm sure my dog would love it. The water looks very tempting to wade it. I'd have my shoes of and my pants rolled up in no time. Mmm... cold clear water. That sounds good.

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