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Friday, October 9, 2009


I borrowed some flowers from Spring.
and a picture of sunlight in the treesand a live rooster.

I am at loose ends today.

I am so frustrated with Gypsy's chicken fetish! I had to keep her tied and that is not good for any dog.
When I came home from work, I took her for a long walk AWAY from the chickens. She ran and played and my guilt said she was asking why I had tied her up. She happily played in the creek and with the other dogs. She also, without being asked, ran the calves into the pasture and stopped when they were in.
I had retied her and thought I shall leave her out. I heard the whines with a quiver at the end as if Gypsy was freezing. She could not understand that I was holding a grudge about the rooster. In her doggy mind, that was long forgotten but I could not forget the fact that I had to present my sister with her dead rooster.
Andrew asked if I was leaving her out, I said yes. He said nothing.
I listened to the soft whines as I read my emails and I caved in! Yes, softy me, I could not leave her out. I unclipped her and she ran to the door as if to say, why did you wait so long, I wanted to be in with you.
Gypsy galloped into the house, there is no other way to describe her run, since she is so big. Ran to me and sat, showing me she was a good girl. Begging for attention. I felt the chicken killing fiasco that had settled like ice around my heart, melting away by her big brown eyes. I totally relented and told her she was a good girl. Gypsy laid at my feet for quite some time, just being there.
Then since she knew I was okay she galloped into Andrew's room and settled in for the night.


Sunny said...

"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love."

Hopefully everything will work out, I know it's difficult dealing with animals sometimes.
Sunny :)

SkippyMom said...

Sunny that is a beautiful quote and so apropos for this. Thank you for sharing. It touched my heart to read that.

Gail, it isn't a matter of picking, but there is a place for Gypsy, obviously not with farm animals [chickens/roosters] as I would think that most dogs don't have a farm to live on. I swear I would take her if I didn't already have Scooby [the 100 lb wonder].

She will find her place and you need not feel bad about tying her up to keep her from her own instincts. Your children whined when they were little, right? You can get over it and keep Gypsy and the livestock safe for now.

She will find a forever home - I know you want her, but doesn't seem feasible now - so let's work on having someone love her as much as you do, 'kay?

hang in there - she is a good dog, with natural instincts...


Grammy said...

I am so sorry I know this is hard for you. I hope it was just a 1 time thing and she will be good again. Big hug.

Pyatshaw said...

I would have done the same as you.

Gennasus said...

You were right to let her in, no point in punishment after the crime.

The Green Stone Woman said...

That was heart breaking, Gail. I'm glad you untied her.

Gramma Ann said...

Glad Gypsy is back inside and forgiven. The poor dog didn't know she did anything wrong. Like a small child she will have to be watched when she is outside. No Alone Time For Her.

Cara said...

That was a hard thing. Really hard.

Pat said...

I'm sure Gypsy has no clue why she is being punished. How long do they retain something I wonder? Hopefully this was a one time no-no. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

mrscravitz said...

Poor Gypsy. Poor You! But it will all work itself out. Dogs live in the moment and so keeping the punishment going is not going to benefit her. But keeping her safe and the Chickens safe, is something that needs doing. My heart goes out to you. This is a stepping block in you and Gypsy relationship right now. There is that perfect home for her. REALLY there is!

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