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Thursday, July 22, 2010

This N That

Marcy's plants are thriving despite the heat.  The bugs are well fed here as you can tell from the leaves.  Our variety of insects has been amazing this year.  I have seen many I did not know and many that are old friends.  All are doing well.  I have never been bitten by such a variety of insects.  I hope they are serving a purpose because that Sevin Dust is looking awfully tempting  to me.
The wild honey bees are making a come back and that is wonderful.  Dad used to raise bees and we always had the sweetest honey.  If you enlarge this, you can see the bees are heavy with pollen.
A small water fall in Marcy's yard is lovely to behold.  Makes me a little cooler just to see it but I swear, my sweat was sweating last evening!
Even the frogs are moving indoors to beat the heat.  Marcy found this tiny tree frog when she was watering her house plants.  Still don't know how he got in but he's no dummy, Marcy has the AC on.

I am working on sick again.  Allergies turned to coughs and bronchitis with no way to get off and see a doctor.  Just dedicated, I guess. I have always thought there was a thin line between dedication and stupidity.


LindaG said...

Thanks for the pictures. I particularly like the waterfall, too. :)

And I hope you can get to feeling better soon!

Journaling Woman said...

Take high doses of vitamin C. It always helps me to boost my immune system in order to get better faster.

something's wrong with me. I love frogs. He is so cute.

Nora said...

Take good care of yourself. I would try the vitamin C too. It can't hurt you.

The waterfall looks delicious. I would like to stick my feet right in it and my head too.

Jules said...

I know what you mean about the bugs but I use cayenne pepper, it seems to work.

And the bee's, try some of the local honey to beat your allergies. My dog and I both use it and it has helped tremendously.

distracted by shiny objects said...

So happy to see the wild honey bees. We finally saw one this summer around the rocking chair on the front porch and took great pains not to disturb him.
Please don't wait too long on the bronchitis--nothing to fool with. Can you call your doc instead of going in??

ellen abbott said...

You need to learn how to say 'no'.

The world will not fall apart if the mail goes unprocessed for a day. Maybe if that happened, the powers that be would find the wherewithal to hire an additional person.

Rusty said...

That little frog is something else! I wish we had a few around here. I noticed there are a lot more bees around here this year too. Not quite what I would think of as normal numbers, but better than the last three years.

For those crawling leaf chewers a circle of diatom dust isa perfect solution. Non toxic it stops anythig that crawls. It does have to be put down again after rain though. Sold under various names and trademarks. (It even stops earwigs)!

'Tsuki said...

This frog has such lovely colors ! Stunning !

Nezzy said...

Girl don't let it get as bad as last time before you seek help! (Pot givin' advice here) Heeehehe! What a cute little tree frog, they are always cuter outside. My son, grandsons and I were comin' in the back door last summer and there was a cute little frog on the landing. I mentioned what a cute frog it was so my grandsons would take notice, the dang thing jumped in the door when open. My son cracked up when I went from, "look boys what a cute little froggie...awwwww...-to --GET IT OUT...GET IT OUT,NOW!!!!

Take care of yourself and have a terrifically blessed Thursday!!!

Gramma Ann said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well again. Anyway, the pictures were interesting today. I love waterfalls, they are so relaxing. Well take care of yourself, and be good and rest, and don't work to hard. That's Dr. Ann's advice. ; )

Rudee said...

"but I swear, my sweat was sweating last evening"

you always make me laugh.

Get thee to the doctor.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Rudee is right..bronchitis can turn to pneumonia just like that..and then you butt will be in the hospital, how the heck are you going to move mail from your hospital bed..I know with your mind! :)

Pat said...

Maybe your hot hands and feet were signs of a fever and you coming down with something!

I STILL have my cough, going on 3 weeks now.

This old gray mare just ain't what she used to be!

Nora said...

Get yourself on an antibiotic, Gail. Don't wait any longer. Go to the doctor.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The frog and bee photos are amazing. Such an interesting frog, too.
Poor Gail. Please get better soon. Being sick in the summer is the worst!


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