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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How To Turn A Worm Into Lunch For Five

This is the New Pond and was built over forty years ago.  It shall remain the New Pond until we build another, I guess.

Marcy loves to fish.  My friend has been collecting Catalpa worms for her and Marcy decided to give them a try.

...and the biggest one got away.  I think they always do considering the tall fish tales I have heard through the years.
The ones Marcy did catch are not going anywhere because TP is on guard.  She would tell Marcy if one got too close to the edge and was in danger of rejoining its room mates.
TP also kept a look out for incoming.  She may be directing Marcy on the proper way to handle the fishing pole or telling her where to cast her line.
This is one that got away.  Marcy reeled it close to the bank and they both had to rest after the battle, the fish and Marcy.  Even after it slipped the hook, it lay and rested before it swam away.
Marcy was happy, we were happy.  Marcy cleaned the fish, cooked the fish and delivered a full platter of fresh cooked warm fish to us as we returned home from work.  Thanks, Marcy and TP.


Rudee said...

Teach a woman to fish and she'll take over the world. Nicely done, Marcy and TP.

ellen abbott said...

Those are some ugly catfish.

Journaling Woman said...


I love a fish watchdog.

Vickie said...

Come to my place and get all the worms you want! We've got lots of catalpa trees. I hate them - they are so messy when all the beans drop! and the worms drop poop on everything!!!!

Nora said...

A fish dinner sounds perfect. I can taste it now. Fish from your own pond must be terrific. Some of those are mighty big. The one that got away is a real whopper. Maybe next time.

Nezzy said...

Ohhhh, sounds wonderful. Does Marcy want to move to the Ponderosa??? I'll be right over with some seasoned baked fries and tarter sauce.

Have a blessed evening girl!

carolina nana said...


Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm said...

What a catch!! Good job Marcy! I would love to come home to a big platter of fish!!

We have been fishing all week in our "New pond" hahaha I love the name! I have caught several bluegill and bass, our catfish aren't quite big enough to eat yet. I am thinking a swim in my pond today is on the agenda as it is hot as you know where today again!!

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