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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Missed The Eclipse...

but I was mooned.
in more ways than one.
The great frog hunt is a recurring event around the water garden.  Squig keeps thinking, this time I WILL catch that frog.
That elusive frog must first be flushed outta hidin'.
The hunt is on!
Squiggy is sometimes joined by Lil
if she can leave her stick unattended.
The day grows light.
That will not deter the Squiggster,
tomorrow night,
same time,
same channel.


Anonymous said...

arghhh I wanna come and look for the frog too!

Jules said...

LOL, my Mom has the same frog hunt every night. But one of her dogs cannot decided between frogs and squirrels, even though there are no squirrels.

Anonymous said...

Funny!!! We have tree frogs and their nightly chorus is so sweet to my ears. I miss that sound in winter!


Nora said...

Now, I know you don't like the sound of a croaking frog, so you do want those dogs to get it. Why do you have water features anyway?

Lori E said...

My dog wouldn't know what to do with it if she did catch it and she is a retriever.

ellen abbott said...

Love the moon shot. Um, the first moon shot. So cool you can see the craters on the edge of the light.

Oz Girl said...

Ringo has been trying to catch a frog out by our pond for 3 years now. Poor guy... the frogs always win! They are just too fast for him.

As for the eclipse *sigh* I did not even know there was one last night! I am so outta touch with everything since I started working again. :-(

(Love that pic in your header, how cute!)

Rudee said...

What eclipse? I missed it, too.

Stay hopeful, Squig!

LindaG said...

Haha. Great post!

I didn't even know there was an eclipse. :*)

Pat said...

Now that's a hairy moon I don't mind seeing! Ha!

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