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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Read Your Animals

Is Spring on the way?


Autumnforest said...

It's looking hopeful.

Lori E said...

The spring birds have been chirping here for weeks. To heck with that little rodent that tells us it is a long ways off still.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope so Gail. I heard a lot of birds chirping early this morning. Sounded so sweet.

mj said...

We are getting more snow today and it's in the forecast for tomorrow....To tell you the truth I'm getting weary with all this winter weather. I hope that spring is on the way!!

Mel said...

When the robins start showing up, that is suppose to be a sign of spring. (we can only hope) It was a chilly 20*F here today with just enough wind to keep in looking out. Someone do a spring dance, it works for rain... LOL

Look at your horse, kicking up his hooves, is he glad to be out, or is that a pasture of ladies across the way?


Sunny said...

I've got my fingers crossed!
Sunny :)

lytha said...

A red breasted Robin - my most missed bird since moving to Germany. There is nothing as sweet as their morning/evening song, and I love how fearless they are around people. Their song means "home" to me. Just looking at your photo makes me homesick.

We have their cousin here, the Blackbird. Their appearance and song are not half as cool as the Robin, but at least it's something. They do sing morning and night, but their song is so boring in comparison.

I used to have a singing bird watch (not wall clock - a watch) and it had a Robin's song. Oh, I wish I had it now.

~lytha in Germany

Nezzy said...

I'm hopin'!!! I looked out in the front yard before the last nine inches of snow fell and it was filled with Robins. I had to call Hubby laughing 'till my sides ached to tell him the masses thought is was Spring. It's layin' it on again today....with this winter ever end!

Ya'll have a great day and grab some nice tall snow-boots!!!

Pat said...

A robin is a SURE sign! Spring has got to be just around the corner!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Nope. Robins don't mean Spring is here. Sorry. I know it makes me sad, too. I saw a beautiful Robin on our front year area the other day....right before it snowed another 4 inches.

Check out Rurual Rambling's blog for the story behind Robins:

"Although some robins do migrate, it’s more a matter of food availability than the weather. Food is usually more scarce in the winter. So some robins do migrate… but not all.

Instead they tend to gather in large flocks during colder months, going to large communal roosts at night. These flocks tend to stay in more rural areas where there is a better food supply. Or sheltered in woods. So although they may not be so readily seen in some places, especially in a more urban environment, there are still robins around.
And of course, there ARE a few more robins, as the ones that DID migrate, come back to the area. But that doesn’t make robins a sign of spring, since there are some around all year long.

If you want a real sign of spring from the bird world, look for ducks or geese or any other true migratory bird that regularly migrates to and from your area to make an appearance. When they’re back in the area, ready for another nesting season, spring is on the way!"


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

ooop! Front YARD...not front year. bah!


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