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Monday, February 8, 2010

A Twisted Tale Of Romance For Nezzy

Some of you know, I am doing things different this week.  I have invited friends to ask questions and my post will be the answer.  I could  write short, simple, boring answers but I am following my tradition of being very long winded with each of my answers.

Today's question is from Nezzy at Cow Patty Surprise, stop by for a visit, she is delightful.  Nezzy said, "I'd like to hear the story of how you and your Hubby got together."

I can't remember!

The first time Hubby saw me, I did not know he existed except as a member of the other softball team.  Every Sunday after church we went to a local pasture a farmer allowed us to use for softball, afterwards, we would go swimming.  We didn't have enough to make two teams so we invited others to play.  Never really knew who would show, it did not matter, we played ball and played hard!

This was an after church event, but the girls always dressed for swimming afterwards and mostly we wore our swim suit tops with a pair of daisy mae cutoffs, the boys played in cutoffs.  This was not thought unseemly because we were going swimming afterward.

This game soon developed into New Home Church against the town of Guion.  Every Sunday that summer we played ball.  It was never couples, it was a group and that group varied.  We were all just pleased to see someone since church was our only social activity.

I cannot tell you who won or even if that was important.  I only remember the playing and the laughter.  No high pressure to perform, no scores kept, that I knew of, just three outs and the next team was up.  I did not notice Hubby there but he was.  He told me later that is when he fell in love with me...during cow pasture softball.

We move on to a dark night in 1971 at the local hangout, Jim's Dairy Queen.  Jim's was right by the school and every one came by to eat, drink (pop) and hang out.  This was when loitering was okay and the worse that ever happened was some girl's shoes were burned after a cat fight. 

I had double dated with hubby before we dated.  He had ample opportunities to sweep me off my feet prior to this night but never took advantage of them.  Hubby also knew my sisters before he knew me.

This one night I went to town with a sister and a friend to grab something at Jim's.  I was still nursing a sore leg from ramming a bike petal in my knee while wrecking on a gravel road.  I had several stitches and was walking stiff legged.  Hubby thought I was my sister, Beverly, and asked Marcella, what in the world has your sister done to her hair?  I had cut it off completely and last time he saw me or Bev we both had long blonde hair.

That leads to this, as they say and I ended up visiting with a car load of boys (oh, my!)  We are talking about wide open, well lighted, well populated space around Jim's.  Hubby showed some interest and invited some of us to the fair in Independence County the next evening.  I said I will be picking grapes, stop by and we will ask the parents.

Here we go, WELL, let me tell you something!  I picked grapes all afternoon in our grape vineyard.  There wasn't even a green grape left at the end of the vinyard next to the road.  Hubby did not show!!!!!

I was so mad, I could have eaten green grapes.  Since I had worked so hard in the vineyard all day, Mom said we could go to town.  There is Hubby.  He said he forgot to pick me up, a whole car load went and I was not in town. 

I have never been stood up in my life!  I took this pretty much to heart because I thought it was a date not a group event.  My fault I guess, but anyway, he talked me out of it and we rode around.  Ran into a friend of his and John said, that wasn't the girl I saw you with last night!  I pouted again!  Found out John was just teasing and always said that to everyone just to cause trouble.

Every since that night, we have been together, through some strange and scary dates and many fun times with lots of laughter. Christmas he bought me an engagement ring and I never suspected that because I was having too much fun to get married!

I also found out later that Hubby had pointed me out to his Mom and Dad before we ever dated.  I was bringing the cow in to milk and Hubby said, there's the girl I am going to marry.

We married in June on Mom and Dad's anniversary in the New Home church where it all actually began. 

Thank you, Nezzy, for bringing back these memories.  Thirty-seven years later, I rue the day, kidding!  It is a happily ever after fairy tale.


Judy said...

Your Hubby knew...My Hubby knew...sometimes it's like that...we've been together 39 years...not always fun, but always fun, as I'm sure you know what I mean...

Razzberry Corner said...
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Razzberry Corner said...

Sorry - typo!
This is so sweet & romantic! I love stories about how couples got together! And you got my 21 years of being married beat! :-)

Nezzy said...

Yep, just something about these guys that just know. Ours was a blind date but Hubby also say me before we actually met. After the first date he announced to his Frat. house, he was in love.

Thanks Gail for sharing your wonderful love story. Ya'll can't go wrong with a romance novel which includes a church and a cow pasture. Heeeheehe!

Have a greatly blessed day my friend!!!

Breathe said...

What is it with these guys? Mine knew too

Great story! Can't wait for the next one...

Rudee said...

Mine knew, three! I hadn't a clue.

This is a sweet story, Gail. You have some great memories.

Pat said...

Well, damn! I can't say that mine knew the first time he saw me 'cause we were both married to other people! No, wait, I was married to someone else and HE was recently divorced. That's right. Then I went through a messy divorce (nothing to do with HIM), then we eventually got together. THE END. Oh wait, AND WE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. There. that's better.

MysticFish said...

What a fabulous story!!! I can't imagine 37 years! It is wonderful to see that marriages can be successful for the long haul!

Journaling Woman said...

Congratulations on 37 years of marriage. What a heart warming story!

achieve1dream said...

Great story!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

This was a great story! I think your hubby was knocked out in love with you by seeing your hot self running around wearing those short-shorts and bikini tops. lol!

Wow! 37 yrs! My hubby and I will be married for 20 yrs in May. I thought THAT was a long time.


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