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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Drive By Shooting...

seems to be the best I can do these days.  These animals are not mine, just some between here and work.
Some nice mule colts
A poorly proportioned miniature horse
An interesting bovine with a white mule in the background
A wooly miniature, I would say Class B
I am not responsible for their condition, only their photo.
I am sure they are hoping for spring too.
Animals everywhere I shoot.


Gramma Ann said...

Nice photos of the animals. I enjoyed my ride with you this morning.

Toni said...

Oh my gosh... I saw the title of your blog post on the side bar of my blog... You had me scared there for a bit!

Lovely photographs!

Rural Rambler said...

Interesting scenery Gail. Hope they are being taken care of. I will take pasture and field scenery any day over tall buildings in the city and miles of city highway.

allhorsestuff said...

I was scared a bit too, with the title!...we have had those in the country, 2 years in a row...I board at a better local now...none of that reported there!
Loved your shots and the mules...man, I think i know I will need one, to have fun with, sometime in my life..they are very cool!
Have a Loverly Sunday..I am off to ride solo and discover a better loop route over Stoney Mtn...Wa has No-Idea!
PS...that was a funny word veri word!

Nezzy said...

Ya'll had me goin' with the title. We have had cattle shot in their tracks by drive by shooters. I like the way you shoot!

God bless and have a great Sunday!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You never know what you might get with the titles of your posts, Gail. I had a feeling, you'd be shooting your camera, though.

I love living in the country, even if I had no animals, just because most everyone else does. :)


Pat said...

I love the animals! "Poorly proportioned". Hmmm... that could describe me to a "T"!

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