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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Meme...High Five!

Rudee, A Knitting Nurse has caused a panic.  I love posting, getting awards, conversation by email but meme's scare the poo-diddle out of me.  I usually get away by not answering them.  I can't let Rudee down!  Shall I tell the truth and say what ever comes out first, or do research and answer intelligently?  I voted for what comes out!

WE are supposed to list the five highlights of this year.  I haven't done anything.  Rudee had done some really amazing things...a home for her child, a prize winning shawl, mittens for me, and the list goes on.  She is a caring nurse who is sometimes taken advantage of because she is so darn nice.  You really ought to visit her.  She is also a talented blogger.

Rudee, now that your chest is swollen with pride, I just have to say, Thanks a lot!!!  How can my five compete with the wonderful things you have done?  I know , it's not a competition but...oh, heck, here goes.

My top five accomplishments for 2009.

#1  I did not permanently maime myself with any farm equipment, animals, nor tools while working At The Farm.  This is an accomplishment because I am usually doing all these things while wearing flip flops.

#2  I am retirement age!  While I personally did not have anything to do with attaining this goal other than growing older and not getting fired, I am very proud that I can walk now at any time and know I have a retirement coming.

#3  I am a grandmother!  Again I did not personally contribute to this. I do encourage their rowdiness.  I spoil them, when given a chance.  I do love being a grandmother even if I have been one for thirteen years.  Each year is a prize with three grandsons.

#4  I am a foster mom for dogs.  During this year, I have adopted one, kept one, a possible adoption coming up, so that is a grand total of one adoption.  Well, strike this one, that's not much of an accomplishment.

#5  I have racked my brain trying to come up with this one!  I guess it is an accomplishment to have been married to the same man for thirty-seven years, he has never hit me and still puts up with me...that would be his accomplishment, not mine. 

Oh, wait, I know, I rode my horse, Magic Man, freshly trained and under saddle (Magic, not me).  I placed that flip flopped foot in the stirrup and threw, no dragged, my leg up and over.  The horse did not fall nor did I...Now that is an accomplishment.

Thank you, Rudee.   It was fun after all!  I shall return the favor, one of these days, when you least expect it, an odd meme will find its way to your doorstep and you will have to answer when it knocks.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

every adoption is plus. I thought you almost forgot about getting on the horse.

Gramma Ann said...

Great reading about your five highlights of this past year. It's not easy is it? But you did it you got up on that horse in your flips. hee, hee.

Autumnforest said...

Very good accomplishments--I'm impressed. 2009--not a bad year!

allhorsestuff said...

YEA!!! That was fun Gail!
I got to the end and thought outloud..."YOU rode your horse!!" Then you mentioned it!
Neat things and worthy too!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

You forgot to put how nice you are to everyone and how you've made friends all across the country because you're a sweetheart.

Rudee said...

I love # 1 and the one with the dogs. You saw a need, stepped in and took care of business. I'd say that's a pretty decent win-win, especially for the dogs.

Thanks for playing.

Pat said...

Re: #1 - but you almost gave yourself two black eyes.... or needn't I remind you...LMAO!!!

You rode your horse? Yipee!!

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