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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Weekend Off and Catch Up...

My camera revived.  I had laid it in the morning sun in the kitchen window with all compartments open and everything removed.  I replaced the battery long enough to extend the lens and left it there.  God's light and the devil's heat did what I could not...it repaired it.  I did not get to try the dry rice method but do have it in my head, just in case, I need that information.

This was one of my test shots...my graduation photo from '72, one iron elephant bookend that I've owned forever,  and one Corning glass hen candy dish I found at a yard sale about fifteen years ago.  I wonder why I chose these two things to sit in the shelf beside me?

I had a wild hair, as some people say, this weekend.  I decided the tv room furniture needed to be in my sitting area and vice-versa.  I have had help moving one chair.  I still have one huge couch and one loveseat to move.  I am waiting on inspiration as to how to accomplish that.  When I get the furniture in the correct room, then I'll arrange it, I'm sure or I'm hoping with Bev's help because she is a true artist with furniture arranging (and many other things).

Bev came to help with my computer/craft/art/sewing room.  One chair came in here and two went out.  One chair went to Andrew's room from my sitting area.  One chair in the dining room and one from the den went to my room.  Are you confused yet?  I am!

Bev helped clean my floors...what a wonderful, sweet sister...moved some paintings and rugs around, dusted and washed dishes.  She was a life saver!  She has one big box of stuff packed for the shop.

Since my computer drama, I had not restraightened all the wires, etc...done.  My printer was returned and in now back by my computer. I have mended hubby's t-shirt pockets and altered some jeans.

Bev gave me homework, too.  I had one big box of toy parts to go through...broken ones, gone...collectibles in one box...just toys that someone else will enjoy in another. Working on another box to leave this house FOREVER.

Next on my list is sewing a tear in a chair arm and sewing a pillow seam that is partially undone.  Sadly, these will be by hand and I DETEST hand sewing.

Hey, I thought I was supposed to take it easy on a day off!  It has been a pure pleasure to see things go into a new spot and be cleaned, too.  It is very uplifting when you know a job is well done.

Now, a sample of outside photography, from my camera and my hot pepper, Ki-Anne.
This little bull is not running!
Ki's brakes are good.
They attempt to stare each other down.
Casually moving closer to each other,
The little bull is the winner,
and Ki, the chicken, runs out.


DesertHen said...

I came to the conclusion yesterday, while washing all of the windows in the house inside and out which included the sills and screens, that I seem to work just as hard, if not harder on my days off then I do during the week. Funny how that happens! I did feel a since of accomplishment after all the windows were done and this morning when I got up, the sunshine beaming through my clean windows made me happy!

Happy rearranging! =)

Country Gal said...

Glad your camera is fixed ! I dont know were I would be without my camera ! Photography is one of my passions! As for sewing , well I have a machine and am slowly turning the spare bedroom into a sewing / photo studio .
Yup getting things done feels good ! Awesome photos ! Have a great day !

Nora said...

I know these moods you get in when you change your furniture around. I used to get the same way when I was still able to move it around when my place was big enough. I got it in my head to do it and nobody could change my mind. It felt like I lived in a new house. Don't get a burn out!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Ki's no dummy. glad things worked out with your camera.

LindaG said...

Haha. One day the bull will be surprised when Ki-Anne nips it's heels. :)

Teresa aka Journaling Woman said...

As I mentioned earlier, sorting and cleaning makes one feel good. And don't you just love putting furniture in other rooms. It makes everything look new.

Rudee said...

It always makes me feel better after the house has been spit shined.

Enjoy the remains of the day.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love moving furniture and re-organizing...it's one of my favorite things to do. :) blessings, marlene

Sue said...

Glad you got lucky with the camera!


carolina nana said...

Hey ! 1972 was a good year, I graduated that year also !!
Everyone around here hates it when I get in one of my "furniture moving" moods,you're lucky you have someone to willingly help.
Blessings to you

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