a tale of tails, tenacity, and tedium, as told by me, usually barefoot and bellowing

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Animation Creation


Times where imagination is revived
                    roll playing comes alive
costumes created from fun and fright
                    and deadly tales survive

How handy to come just before
the week we celebrate death and more
So animation changed its theme
and became a tale to make you scream

Razors in apples, poison and ground glass
our children are laughing but will they last?
Another tale still told
of people attacking the traditions of old

So paint your face boldly
make your laugh deep
be a little scary
but be thankful for your treats

Happy Halloween to one and all
Fit all the wild into one night
'Cause the next one comes
A year from tonight.

For Poets United


eileeninmd said...

Cute poem! Happy Halloween to you!

Sandra said...

awesome poem... love it...

Lynne said...

I liked!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's over for another year. Now come the trips to the dentist lol.

humbird said...

Fun! With zest! :)

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