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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Whirligig 30...Whorehouse

Having fun with Sunday's Whirligig 30
where the words are supplied and you craft them.

Rattle windows check the doors
There's people sleeping
on the whorehouse floor

a pair of melons and a bone
started this mania
and set the tone

Smite the spitwad ceiling bound
it won't stick
to the oubliette crown

Wearing vanilla but touching stone
Crazy is over
I'm finally home


Sandra said...

he he he.. i am going to say JUST WHAT popped in my crazy head when i read this.... are you ready????
a dungeon with an opening at the top would make a really bad whorehouse. yep, that is what i though when i popped to the link to see what the heck a oubliette is... learn something new every day. in KY we called them tater caves...

Karen S. said...

This was wholeheartedly fun! The images dancing through my head yet are too funny! Enjoy your day! I'll be back to comment on your magpie after I do mine!

Old Egg said...

Beautifully written and economically too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the fun you obviously had while writing this. Gave me more than one smile...


Lynne said...

That was FUN!

Jae Rose said...

What a clever use of the words - and powerful voice..it is always good to leave crazy behind and the things we may whore ourselves out to..

Keith Hillman said...

Great use of a particularly difficult set of words. Love it!

Visit Keith's Ramblings!

Alissa Meredith Jill Osborn Schapiro said...

a journey complete in your story,
nice to see ya home.

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