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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thursday's Things In A Row...

 Thursday's Things and, man, I'm late!
Call me the queen of procrastinate.
Mutilated Barbies on Botox
and dollies lined up in a box.
Dodo birds marching by
on a piece of cloth hanging high.
Been working the shop...yup!
Where else would I find a row of cups?
Bunches or rows you decide,
the roosters march on, side by side.

Oh, dear Pat, I've lost my touch.
My words stink, the pictues...my crutch.

Visit Pat and you will see
far better words and rows than these.


labbie1 said...

YAY!!!! You made it! So glad you decided to join the fray! Beautiful cups and saucers! I would say those are peekaboo Barbies. ;-D


Loved this post. Thanks Gail for the smiles.

Nezzy said...

Mutilated or X~Rated girl! Heeehehheee!!!

What fun your things in a row are plus wonderful rhythmical prose!!!

Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! :o)

dr momi said...

I have those cups and saucers :-) and the whole set that goes with them. I remember Sunday night suppers at my Grandma's with that set. Peach Luster(sp) no??

Lynne said...

Fun post and poetic . . . Liked the Barbie's, the cups and saucers and you . . .

LindaG said...

Yours are just fantastic, Gail. :0)

Pat said...

I love the first comment, "Peek-a-boo Barbies"! Ha ha!

Always love your poem and rows, no matter WHEN they are posted! :)

Cara said...

Don't worry about being late!
If I took pictures of things in a row, it would be things on a ToDo list. They wouldn't be checked off either!

Sue said...


Better late than never, I always say. And you nailed it!


Irene said...

I love the basket with Barbies. Is there a Ken doll too? I think I need to get me some. I can play dress up with them. It would be fun. Oh god, I'm becoming like a child again in my old age!

DesertHen said...

I love those roosters! Nice shot of the cups!

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