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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Let's Play Some Football!

Seventy-One is all I see!
Once again, he gets to go for the toss.
71 and getting ready
Where's the ball???
Zander has over come his fear of the noise.
When every one is quiet,
he screams, hey, hey, at the top of his voice!
The team played well.
Andrew got a touch down and some two point conversions.
He tryed two other touchdowns
On one a face mask hold was called and they gained ten.
On the other, he was just at the goal,
and he got pushed out of bounds.
So goes the game.
Everyone got to play,
the team was eager,
we had a few early starts
but I believe every one played  with their hearts.

This was not the final score,
I believe it was 38-0.
Now I await their return to see
how Andrew's stitched chin  faired in this game.


LindaG said...

Congratulations to Andrew!

Nora said...

I hope his chin gets better soon, maybe he will have a cleft now and that will be sexy.

Nezzy said...

Ohhh, poor Andrew. He literally took one on the chin for the team!

I hope it isn't too bad. He's young...they heal up fast! Heeehehehe!!!

Have a beautiful day my friend!!!

Rural Rambler said...

Stitched chin????? We been in Kansas City a couple of days. What did I miss?!!!!!!!!


Hope he is ok ! Great game as usual! , photos are fantastic !

Silver said...

Have a blessed week end!

I posted something today. Good to be back but not sure i can post as often as i would before due to work.

But it's good to be blog walking when i can again..


Pat said...

Nothing like a great game and a star player!

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