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Saturday, October 30, 2010

This N That

 When I came home from work yesterday, I saw my sisters in the garden.  Picking, picking, picking and covering for the impending frost.
We still have goodies every where and it seems too early  but it is October.  That flame-broiled summer we had left us wanting more beautiful days with shorter nights.
Our late garden has been wonderful, full of green beans, peppers, radishes, okra, greens and tomatoes.  Our snow peas are blooming.  We can hope the cover saved them from the frost and we will soon have fresh snow peas.

The Gelbvieh bull Dennis donated to the athletic department left the farm today.  Selling chances on him raised over a thousand dollars for new sports equipment or for what ever the department needs. Now, if I can just get a receipt from the school, that would be a nice tax deduction.

This week at work has been one for the books!  My boss called me personally to chew me about something.  Contradictions have been floating in emails...do this, no say that...and then denial of the first set of instructions.  I have documented each phone call and each email...CYA!  It's not just me, no, I am not alone with this...we are all affected, one way or the other...just makes for a good week.  Today is the first day of the new week, so I am hoping things will improve.

I have an extra foot ball player this weekend, a friend of Andrew's and Jake will be here later to spend the day.  I am not sure what Papa and all the boys will do while I HAVE TO WORK but I am sure they will have fun.

Off to the salt mines!


the canned quilter said...

We actually got our first freeze last night. All the rabbit waterers were frozen this morning as temps dropped into the twenties.


Wonderful garden veggies. We have young trees that we had to cover last week , Japanese blood maples they have a pretty deep red leaf!
To bad ya cant retire and not have to put up with the crap that goes on at a workplace! That I do not miss now that I am retired ! Have a great weekend!

Deana said...

I dont think we are even close to a freeze!! It was in the upper 40's thats the closest we have come so far!

Deana said...
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ellen abbott said...

Marc put our winter garden in. He didn't turn the soil, didn't add any compost, just stuck things in. And nothing is growing. the brussels sprouts are still the same puny size and one died. The tomatoes aren't growing. The spinach hasn't come up. The peas are the only thing growing and something has been eating all the lettuce.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Wow, everything looks yummers, especially the stubby witch fingers, yum.
Sure wish you didn't have to put up with "ugly" people at work. It's hard enough to face having to deal with people in general sometimes but a boss with a bad attitude, is the pits.
The Olde Bagg

Rudee said...

Suddenly I'm craving lamb and okra, a traditional arabic stew. If you want the recipe, I'll email it to you.

Nezzy said...

Everything in the holler is toast!!! We had a couple hard frost when I was in Texas but the last couple morns have been 25. Dead, gone...I've closed the pool and am callin' it quits!!! Heeeehehehe!

Now, I can start lookin' forward to next summer. Woohoo!

God bless and have a great day in the Mines!!! :o)

An English Shepherd said...

Its getting quite chilly here as well

Wizz :-0

Lori E said...

I didn't even take care of my summer garden. You guys are amazing.
Good for you for documenting everything. Good luck.

Melissa said...

I let my tomatoes rot... good for you! I wish I had the patience and actually remembered to maintain a garden

Pat said...

It's unbelievable that you're still reaping the "goods" from your gardens! Wow!

Sorry you're having such a bad time at work. I'm glad you documented every thing. And I know you - you will fight a good fight. You are tough. Hear you roar. :)

carolina nana said...

My son who works for the post office up here says they are being pounded on by some big wigs from higher up. Maybe that's what's going on where you're at also.
Have a blessed weekend

Nora said...

I'm sorry you are taking a beating at work, Gail. It's very unfair when the bigger people start pounding on the smaller people and on down the line. I'm sure you will do your best to set it straight, but you ought not to be in this position.

The stuff from the garden looks great. It makes my stomach growl just looking at it. Those pears look very good. I bet they're juicy. I must have a pear now.

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